february 13 - pr, school, drinks & los angeles


weirdest and most productive weekend in a while, seen from every aspect. this is what i have accomplished starting thursday night - sunday night:

  • 3 pr-strategies
  • 3 twitter sample documents
  • research for 3 different brands
  • dinner and wine with anna
  • 3 page paper
  • 250 pages worth of reading
  • started a social media end-report
  • meeting
  • transferring social media accounts
  • gone out
  • movie night
  • gym three days in a row
  • written 10 emails
  • researched for a column
  • planned my spring break

  • now, if people think i'm chilling and joking around here in new york - you might want to read through all of the above and estimate how long all of that would take you. i won't write much about the going out, i'll just give you the pics.

    i have some more reading to do and then it's time for me to sleeeeeeep. meeting tomorrow at 12:00pm, laundry before that, dinner and gossip girl with jess, some more studying and work and then sleep again.

    my body is soar. beware: i might just get tight.

    february 9 - nails done, hair did(n't)


    just painted my nails, waiting for them to dry as anna and i contemplate on where we're heading tonight.

    decided to reward my hard work with a little bar trip tonight. and before that, a great dinner and glass of wine at republic at union square. these couple of weeks are going to be nothing shorts of insane, as pitching weeks approach and fashion week is on the role.

    also trying to plan a springbreak trip. where to go, where to be found in mid-march?
    can't believe that's only a month from now, which means i'm a month away from only having two months left of my education. how crazy is that? fine, i'm being somewhat dramatic, but damn, the situation is kind of dramatic, haha.

    anyways, time to get my make up did.
    and me did, everything did.
    without heels. fml.


    february 8 - infucksomnia


    on library-lockdown until anna texts me and saves me from this mayhem. not even a month has passed since school started and bobst (our library) is already filled with over-eager and ambitious souls.

    this week has been horrible - sleep-wise.
    i keep waking up every second hour and my dreams keep getting more absurd by the night. if i wasn't so anti-pills i would be popping sleeping pills like no other right now. i guess i'm going to have to sleep in this weekend and just relax after working and studying during the day. we'll see how that goes - rumor has it that another night out is planned this weekend.

    this is what the rest of my week looks like:

    - meeting 8:00am
    - greek
    - library lockdown: write paper
    - modern greek history
    - meeting 7:30pm

    - senior media seminar
    - appointment
    - gym
    - call photo-thing

    - gym
    - work
    - study
    - go out?

    - pilates
    - work
    - study

    crne oci
    dovele su me na tanak led

    february 2 - θεέ μου!


    you got that right - it means "OMGEEE" in greek. and yes, i'm fourteen.

    productive day today. watched a 3hr long movie for my modern greek history, wrote a paper on it, did one reading, but before all that studying i had my exciting meeting.

    i'm going to do PR for kaiahouse :) i'm so excited, it's crazy! i almost squeaked today and let me tell you for all of you that don't know me - i never squeak. my friends do it enough for me (yes, anna and jess, i'm referring to you). can't believe this is actually happening to me, but i guess my hard work pays off. i wouldn't do it, if it didn't. definitely helps that my boss is straightforward, laidback and very professional at the same time. life's good. life is good!

    tomorrow it's dime for doomsday - greek quiz. haha. trying to keep my head up with some xatzhgiannhs and am still going because of the great day i had. gym tomorrow as well! work out number 2 this week, 3 if we count from the start. wonder how many i'm going to complete before graduation, may 15. how many do you think?

    ok, time for τα ελληνικά.

    κρύψε με
    στην αγάπη σου

    february 1 - meeting day!


    so, what do you do to prepare for a meeting in the grand NYC?
    i just rock out to serbian music, start writing a paper, text and eat a pear - all at the same time of course.
    oh, and btw, i'm not soar from yesterday's work-out - wooot!

    stay tuned...

    i don't want nobody,
    i don't want nobody, baby

    january 31 - linkedin linked?


    comment response: hej mimmi! du kan kontakta mig på jo757@nyu.edu, men kolla gärna in min blogg på studyadvantage.se för mer info om skolan och hur allting funkar. om du inte får de svar du vill därifrån, är det självklart bara att maila så hjälper jag så gott jag kan!

    when the joboffers you get don't even arrive via email, but via linkedin and other social media platforms, you know the world is officially hyperdigital.

    today hasn't been as productive as i wanted it to be, but at least i finished one reading and did a lot of work! after doing that i took a little walk before taking the train to jess's, where we made incredible turkey wraps with avocado and cottage cheese :) yum!

    tomorrow is gym day number two on the path to "my summer." but, before that, greek and law&society is on the schedule. then i'll have probably have to do some greek homework, work and prepare some PR suggestions for my meeting on wednesday! life's good.


    sicko in belgrade
    with my faves

    january 26 - scary meeting


    sometimes things don't turn out the way you want them to, such was the case with today's meeting. luckily, i'm very good at taking criticism and quickly turn my disappointments into productivity. life isn't easy, but it definitely is what you make of it and today, i learned that the hard way. as a controll-freak and perfectionist, nothing is good unless proven so. in other words, don't think i got fired or am on the way to be, but negative feedback always hits the hardest and makes me learn a lesson or fifteen. as the PR-saying goes: "the client is always right, even when he's wrong."

    greek class was much better today than yesterday - yesterday's review most certainly helped me regain some of my greek "skills." i also had a new class today: "modern greek history," more interesting than i thought since it's going to deal with the balkans as a whole and how that history has affected greece and what being greek means. the history discussed ranges from the enlightenment to today's "global financial crisis."

    tomorrow is my senior media seminar, which i am really excited for. after that, it's meeting time again, but for a new position which i'm more than excited to start! the night will be spent with kayla, kelly, el, jess, adrienne and her friend. do i smell wine?

    time for some greek essay-writing: τι κάνεις όλη την εβδομάδα;
    ohyeah, there's a car parked outside our apartment with the license plate "jdollars."

    fight eye.

    27 october - music and work


    you know what that means? IT'S THE WEEKEND!

    today was a hilarious day in school. per usual, i woke up in a splendid mood, had my two cups of coffee, my oatmeal and was actually on time to my "behated" class indigenous australia. following that class was greek class, which keeps getting more perverted as time goes by. not in the actions, but the self-composed stories and dialogues we are assigned on a daily basis get more and more weird and hilarious.

    today, for instance, the whole class we discussed how an actor was cheating on his wife with an actress because she was more beautiful. as the story unfolded, we concluded that she had kids, that we all wanted the actress and, in essence, that we're the most hilarious class on campus. even our professor laughs at us and our imagination. she almost spat out her coffee because of us. i like - always gets me in a good mood, although my hardest class.

    after class, i met with denndenn, set up an appointment with my advisor and checked in with the internationals office and headed to annas. since then i've been working working working. and now, it's time for some relaxing with a movie before i go to bed. tomorrow is friday, which means cleaning, work, workout and sleep. can't wait!

    can anyone relate? hahaha

    just stop waiting!

    october 27 - flush friends and followers


    the worst part of the social media sphere is the accumulation of "friends," or fauxs, if i may.

    there are many websites and programs used to ease the whole process, but since it is a "sensitive" subject, i had to do half of the work manually and thoughtfully. now, after spending about two hours flushing friends and followers from twitter, it is time for me to sleep. so dead, up in five hours again. more about my week tomorrow afternoon, my eyes can't stay open right now.

    two minutes ago:
    def time for sleep.


    october 21 - productivity


    ended my day yesterday with a great skype-sesh with my sister on the other side of this humongous country - LA.
    so proud of her my "little" nutellajarchocolatebar <3

    there's nothing as fulfilling as ending a very productive day with good sushi.
    i have worked, been in skype/phone-meetings since 9am today and will end this day with a sushi dinner at blue ribbon sushi with my dad's marketing guy.

    jess will then accompany me in, hopefully, doing some more work/studying and then we'll chill with our home boys - sour patches ;)

    well, i have to keep going. just thought i'd let you know that nothing has been very exciting in my day today. no fancy shmancy movie premieres or celeb-encounters. just an average day on the Upper East Side.

    the crazy obradovics <3

    october 17 - useless


    today i've been useless. literally.

    i just started doing both work and studying. i've finished one chapter, tweets, organized documents, written website updates, researched. woke up like a mess at annas and then started on what would become an all-day "trashcan" food consumption.

    kayla's bday last night was great. a bit awkward from scratch, but the awkwardness eased up as the night went on. after a tasty dinner and good drinks at the hurricane club, we went next door to riff raff. we got our face's painted. i got five stars on each cheek-bone, which by the end of the night looked like five smeared dots. the night ended at a penthouse in downtown, pretzels, chips and salsa. good night with my ladies :)

    now, i have to read an article, delegate tasks to the new intern on the second marketing project, work a little more on a pitch and then go to bed to be able to go on an 8am central park powerwalk with jess, buy ugly 3" low heels, study, go to school, meeting and finally attend the event.

    no more time to write - a lot to do - au revoir,

    now the joy
    of my life..

    october 13 - au revoir weekend


    not to be a pessimist or anything, but:
    this weekend is going to fly by like it was a three-day gap on the 365-day calendar.

    today, i'm getting photographed for the new NYU-id, obviously today is the last day, then i'm meeting with my gender and communications professor to discuss a presentation, working out another pitch, formatting a twitter background and then reading some. tomorrow is work-out day, then work, meeting with anna, taco-friday. saturday is study-work-out-day, dinner for kayla's bday, party for kayla's bday. sunday is funday - workworkworkstudystudystudy!

    i wish i could keep you company,
    but i need to read and then meet denndenn and anna!

    HAHA, flattering..
    stressed worker/happy worker photos!

    october 4 - survivor?


    feels great to average 4 hours sleep/night. i really need this weekend's vacation, although i highly doubt it's going to be completely work-free. needless to say, i'm having a lot of fun :) meeting a lot of new people, organizing and writing like never before. got my first paper back today as well - 100% - booyah, i guess i've still got it even though i'm a hot mess.

    today, molly and i took our frantic asses to little browns for our second caffeine-kick of the day. proceeded to the subway and then class. class was fun and stressful, then i had to run to the subway to get on time to the meeting, obviously missed the C, but managed to be on time anyway. had a one and a half hour meeting and then walked all the way from 9th to lex, guess who was drenched when they got to the subway? i definitely was.

    made a great dinner - chicken stirfried in tomatos and kale, added some pepper to that and boom - student food 3.0. had completely forgotten to started working, finished some pitches, added resources etc. i just finished reading about the pintupi again (aborigines in australia) and it is now time for me to get those abovementioned four hours.


    hahaha, hot nerd 3.0

    september 25 - weeerk


    today is the it-day, emails are being sent out, i am finalizing the pitches that are getting sent out very soon and trying to figure out how to use the social media aspect most efficiently.

    now, i still have a lot do. so here's my day fast forwarded:
    skyped with mom and dad, got happy, dropped off my laundry, went to the street fair, went grocery shopping, worked and now it's study-time. just your average sunday funday.


    hahahahaha, you know your life is balanced when
    you accidentally take pictures of yourself during conversations..

    september 22 - weezekend


    weezy gets the honor to start this much needed weekend. it's good.
    yesterday, my teacher's assistant was really impressed with my presentation on geertz (fast-processing mind thank god), then i had a paper due in gender and comm and a quiz in greek. oh god.. the accents in that language are like air - every-f-where. so, i don't know how that went. but, it was the first quiz and we have already turned in two other assignments, so it's all good.

    i have been working aaaaaaaall day today. it's been productive, good, giving, sweaty, stressy and all the other things an interesting job should be. now it's time for me to go downtown for the third time today and see drive with the roomies :) excited to eyegazm because of perfection, or what you guys call "ryan gosling."

    be good, feel better, live great.

    and that's how much my stomach hurt,
    let's just say peeing is a waste of time ;)

    september 20 - pitch pitch.. YES


    finally done with my first pitch-template, feels really good and it apparently works as a great migraine-relief.
    so, now it's time to get that migraine back with some alpha, vita, gamma, delta etc., take a shower and then go to bed - content and happy.

    the fact that my bed arrives tomorrow is definitely a determinating factor in this happiness.
    revolutionary words from the woman that never sleeps - hey!

    short day tomorrow again, studying and working hardcore.
    then i'm jumping on my B E D.


    i want you to know
    you're far from the usual

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