january 25 - game on, suckers


my last first day of school - how sick?

greek wasn't surprising at all. the group was the same as last semester. the more disturbing part, though, was how little greek i remember. disturbingly awkward. after sweating through that class, it was time for the first meeting of the semester and i have a lot of work to do - starting today: finalizing website, creating pitches, finding pr opportunities, connecting people, etc. but hey, i love it!

after the meeting i ran over to get my first well-needed cup of coffee of the day and continued to my law & society class. interesting crowd and interesting professor (sandypants, she's a criminologist, as is the TA, connect? :P). caught up with some work before meeting anna for the longest dinner we're probably gonna have for a while.

two sushi rolls and three glasses of plumb wine later, i came to my senses and headed to trader joe's with el. got all basic groceries i needed and went back home. until now, i've been working, watching shows and skyping.

since i'm incredibly jetlagged, i think it's about time i go to bed and focus on tomorrow.
might be time for the gym-debut? (haha, who am i kidding?)


tonight ♥

2008 ♥

november 26 - ready, set .. GO


breakfast has been devoured, my probiotic is in my stomach, a shower is taken and the hair (beast) is washed. the book is open and my coffee fills the whole room a pleasant aroma, while serbian music is getting me in a studious mood. this means it's time for me to start my day reading!

good morning!

pusti muziku
i ne prekidaj

november 26 - MVP


i rewarded myself with a sleep-in tonight - didn't wake up until 12:00pm. it felt good and i think i made a pretty wise decision, since i've been studying since (with two small breaks).

this book is about an aboriginal women, whose whole family have been suffering from the systematized "ethnic cleansing" of the aborigines with the stolen generation. molly and i went on our standard 70 block walk in the afternoon down to liquiteria, japanese place, and then took the train back home. short thereafter, jess stopped by and we had soup, salad and crackers :)

200 pages of indigenous australia, finished greek homework, worked on website formatting, and scheduled tweets for both anna and owen. good day. on repeat tomorrow starting 10am!

ohyeah, be extra thankful this thanksgiving - the NBA lockout is over.

ne trebam ja tvoje zagrljaje,
pa da posle pricas "mala je dala"

november 12 - bedtime


fairly productive day today as well: finished a summary info doc and one paper, and then finished some smaller things that are always lingering but i never manage get to. now it's time for me to read a chapter of the aboriginal australia book and go to bed. god have i been eating today. hello trend-setting world, i introduce to you the new black: senior fifteen. how vogue of me.

the start signal for tomorrow goes off at 8:30am. and here's the line-up:

brunch with molly's parents
hang-out with anna and the london-people visting
dinner with jess' mom
meet-up with anna, dani and his friends and go out

since i'm not going to get any work done tomorrow, it was good that i was locked up these past two days. gotta go read now again, but just wanted to show you eleanor's amazing nailpolish - gotta get me some of that!


november 10 - productivity +


wiihaa, had a good jovana-day today.

got to class and was met by a super-rude ta that wouldn't have any opinion heard but her own, technically. i mean she let everyone speak and pretended to care about what they had to say and then quickly turned to abruptly shut everyone's ideas down. luckily, something good came out of it - i met a really nice and fun greek girl and bonded with her over being annoyed with the ta and all-things-greek :)

then it was time for the class that keeps me going on wednesdays - greek. we have so much fun in that class and ms. lalaki has to be the most fun, yet strict, professor i've ever had. love every second of it. the fact that my midterm had an "A" in red pen didn't make the situation worse! during advertising&marketing we had a guestspeaker - the director of branded entertainment from j walter thompson. always interesting listening to professionals within a field you want to work. then, gender and comm, or in my-speak: the discussion. got my paper back for that class as well and even that one had 10/10 written on it :)

after two presentations in entertainment and the media industries, we were let go early and i headed home - wrote two greek assignments, read some greek, read two chapters in indigenous australia and finished a pitch-draft. perfect! my pms is still switched on.

long weekend this weekend. a lot to do and too little time. but, i'm gonna make it work, starting with a gym-session after indigenous australia and a greek quiz tomorrow.

way too much going on
in the background

november 2 - new yoooo'k


i have about fifteen minutes to get ready for school and head on to the subway. yeah. i hate wednesdays and as i'm starting to plan my last semester at NYU, i'm not scheduling anything before 11, if not necessary.

after my advising appointment, i chilled starving in the library with a bunch of schoolwork and then headed up to jess' hood, grabbed subway and had a cozy tuesday-night watching 90210 and discussing our futures (per usual). i almost fell asleep there, needless to say my lack of productivity remained with me until the moment i closed my eyes to sleep.

today is wednesday - nuff said. the day when nothing ever goes my way. i might get my greek midterm from yesterday back, meeting with my marketing group, studying and then having free mexican food at school. gotta love it - the last part that is. what makes killer-wednesday better though is that OUR NEIGHBORS MOVED OUT, you know the screaming-sexmusic-mondaypartyanimals? yup, they moved out. crossing my fingers that our next neighbors will be at least somewhat better :)

to quote my roomate, the legendary ms. drake:
"catch you on the flipflop."

just your average day
with the obradovics

november 1 - dunkin jovnut


people were staring at me today and i started wondering if if my pants were unzipped or if i had food all over my mind. but no. it was the living jovnut dunking around the streets of manhattan. my eyes literally looked like donuts today, no biggie.

anyways, today was good. found out that i got an A on my advertising and marketing midterm and after my two classes i was bobst-bound until about seven o'clock when molly and i headed home. since, i've been trying to bang some greek in my head. instead, i've been running to and from the fridge trying to find things to eat - it's obvious i need to get fruit and sallad. i might make time for a fairway-run tomorrow after 90210-night at jess's.

greek midterm tomorrow, appointment with my advisor, applying for a green-card, studying, and then heading to jess's with two subs in my hands. nothing better than waking up and eating a fruitbowl made up of green apples and grapefruit btw. so freaking delish. and, drake's album is released on november 14th, drool.
my eyes are wide shut, time to attack my bed.

the real

october 21 - officially the worst blogger ever?


i can't believe i haven't had time to blog. haha, welcome to reality.

with monday came the craziness that has been this week. monday was literally a marathon in both downtown and on the upper-west side. school, meeting with my boss, the event and although wanting to sleep as soon as i got home, the textbooks were calling.

after three hours of sleep, i got up on tuesday, thinking it would be a relatively calm day - or as calm as it gets in jovana world - slightly stressful. but no, slightly turned into very as molly invited me to come with her to the NYC premiere of "Like Crazy." we soon realized that we would have about 20 minutes to get ready and looking like a bum from scratch that day didn't really help the situation. we ran to the train, got off, ran to the apartment, tried everything on in a second, put our crazy fros in buns, threw on some make-up and ran out the streets to catch a cab. movie premiere, in all honor, the paparazzi were there, the red carpet was there, but molly and i (top-celebs) decided to sneak in through the back door. little did we know there were paparazzis downstairs, which we obviously had to run from. haha. while eating chocolate we were discussing the awkwardness of events like these and the people who were to come - elizabeth olsen, brad gorsky, james lafferty, amanda hearst and hugo becker, being some of them. the movie was amazing, followed by an afterparty at sonsofessex, where molly wanted to say hi to the incredibly kind director drake doremus, and the main characters anton yelchin and felicity jones. we ended the night with a "dinner for two" at a new thai place :)

needless to say, work was waiting for me when we got home around 11pm. that is, i had to write a presentation for wednesday. i did so and although that presentation was graded as a 20/20, the two hours of sleep i had were definitely paid for. that school-day was followed by a quick study session and then the screening of the movie "Miss Representation." i got home at around 10pm and, predictably, fell asleep in a very awkward position on our couch.

school was good today, after waking up from my internal alarm clock (the one on my phone has given up hope..) at 7:15am, i ended up falling asleep in annas bed after school and have since worked on both my marketing project and diverse PR-tasks.

this occassion serves for an acronym: TGIF!!
time to go to bed :)

until the rising of
the sun

october 12 - productive day


Gilla Saint Tropez Jönköping för att delta i utlottningen av ett 300kr-presentkort i butiken! Dragningen sker den 26/10 och gäller endast tävlande i Sverige. Lycka till :)

i started the day with a cup of coffee and some work before powerwalking my way down 50 blocks to meet anna. i had taken on the task of a coffee-and-snack-messenger, which became a little tricky when already holding the blackberry, ipod and a bag.. believe it or not, i made it.

we chatted our way through a breakfeast and then got to work.
i finished a pitch, finalized tweets, went through some notes, did most of my greek and formatted the twitter-background for my boss. kayla also joined us for a couple of hours before heading home and a two or three hours later, i was also on my way home to meet molly :) only els missing and then 1E will be complete again. it was a very productive day and i am happy with the outcome.

and btw, interesting discovery: someone in the 2E apartment (the noisy neighbors) is scandinavian. I couldn't really tell if the movie they just finished watching was danish or norwegian, but it's on. stay tuned for more updates on the scandinavian war on NYC's upper east side!

i think it's undoubtedly time for me to go to bed since i'm waking up in three hours. first, i want to tell you about my killer-weekend that is following tomorrow's killer-wednesday:
taco-friday with molly and jess. and kayla's bday-saturday! wootwoot.
ok, goodnight.

trudi se
još malo

october 5 - EXCITE!


MAY 2012 - here i come. no turning back, no looking back.
time to look forward, which means looking perplexedly at the greek test that will be handed to me in 45 minutes. seriously though, post-finals may is probably going to be one of the best months of my life.


september 30 - freaky friday


time for me to head to browns where ania and i are going to study hard while enjoying their amazing coffee and maybe even a treat to keep our brains stimulated enough to think :P

i'm meeting up with mikaela and company for dinner tonight and i am really excited to see them, but also to see what my bestest parents sent me from sweden!
last but not least, i am swamped with work and studying - good weekend heeey!

ok, gotta go for real now.

and this is EXACTLY how excited i am about my workload!
au revoir and

september 29 - "thirsty thursday"


NO - i didn't say that. our office assistant did.

our greek class is always interesting to say the least. sometimes pens slip out of our professor's hand, people speak spaneek or greenglish, or sometimes, like today, the office assistant come in and screams random stuff. today, he said: "hey it's thirsty thursday! let's have a sfinaki (shot)," we also spoke about tziskeks (cheesecakes) and xambourgkers (hamburgers). gotta love greek.

after the fun greekclass, ahmed (jess' new nickname) and mamoun (me) headed to my falafel place to enjoy the tastes of the middle-east. taboule and falafel in pita filled our "little" tummies before we went our separate ways. i got back home, spoke to guza and kayla and then headed back downtown to buy wine (thirsty thursday) and get groceries.

when i got home, i was all about the work and the wine. that went surprisedly fine for me :)
ended the night with the disturbing movie "party monster" with macaulay culkin and wilson cruz.
time for me to go to bed soon - tomorrow is going to be eventful:
- studying with ania from 12 and on
- wine with taylor at 5:30
- dinner with mikaela and her friends :)


i'm giving you a night call
to tell you how I feel

september 28 - bedsday


my favorit day of the week is here: the only day on my schedule that is crammed to the second. i have all my five classes today and sometimes i wonder where the f my brain is when i construct my own schedule. horrible.

five classes, coffee with kelly and then run with molly. it's probably going to be a good day in the neighborhood anyway :) hopefully, it doesn't rain. and honestly, "nightcall" makes my life so much better right now, especially in the mornings. love that song, love the movie - go watch DRIVE people!

time for me to leave for indigenous australia - Y.E.S.

the f ain't
for flaw

september 25 - foodmood


a lot of food has been consumed today: oatbran, eggs, sushi, candy, cookies, and quinoa soup.
it all sounds disgusting when gathered like this, but apart they're all good. oh so good they were today.
visit me at ifeellikeapregnantlady.com

good day today. slept in, did some work and studying, ran the park with molly the chipmunk, went to annas and studied with her, jess and jacks, got all my stuff except for one TJ's bag and unpacked it upon arriving home. more or less everything is in place now, els and i need to get a clothing rack though, this whole sharing the closet thing - not so good if you're to girls that cherish their clothes like many do god.

ohwell, time to sleep for six hours before it's time for a skype-sesh with mom and dad, work&school, coffee with kelly, run in the park, work&school again and then bedtime.

lana, please give me your email so that i can contact you about us-international-student tips.
also, check out studyadvantage for more info on studying in the states.


the beast

may 13 - last allnighter


i just got home from my last allnighter this semester.
starbucks was the place: three coffees, playlist repeated four times, two shift-changes, two re-locations, cussed out by public safety for trying to save the environment by tree-hugging. eight hours later, i'm gonna take a three-hour nap. i deserve it.

the paper is pretty much done, some serious editing to do. can't turn it in less than perfect, i have six hours after i get up at noon. it's gonna be splendid.

anyways, i'm out (literally).


meet denndenn,
the best and hottest man-boy alive

may 9 - oh hell YES


i am officially done with PR! and the amazing thing is that our amazing group did a fantabulous job on our campaign. i think i would go vegan for it. too bad you guys can't see it, but i will show it to you when i get it on my computer, i'll take pictures for you to partake in that divine creation of ours :)

now, it's on to the next one, with that i mean the mass persuasion and propaganda paper that is due on friday. i am going to ace it and then i am traveling all the way to connecticut to cozy it up with jovana number 2. can't wait. ohwell, after only studying for two hours for this final, i am remotely happy with the results, but it definitely reassured me that i have learned more than i thought i had.

over and out,

them happy jovanas

may 7 - pajama mama


placement exam, bobst, air, bobst, air, bobst, candy, home, food, chips, lincoln lawyer, orange nail polish.
and all i completed was one article and one e-mail, which means that tomorrow and (supposedly hungover) sunday has to be extremely productive. but, i'm done on friday and for all that i know, i am capable of pulling many sequential allnighters when needed.

here's a pic that pretty much explains today's sentiment for you guys.
it's time for me to get to bed. i have shit to do and a butt to work out.
jovs is coming tomorrow, wootwoot :)

so much love
you take from me

may 3 - student high


i am currently high on the drug called "A." for once, i'm actually proud of myself as well. i worked my ass off for this global media and international law paper and apparently, didn't have a single typo or bad argument.

not everyday you get to hear that from the director of your department :)
tripping as i was, i walked back to the dorm with the biggest smile on my face and decided it was time to relax for a bit. i started flipping through pictures from my three years in the US and it still amazes me how much everything has changed. almost nothing is the same way it used to be, for the better of course!

i am already done with two classes! i cannot believe that a year is at NYU is almost over. a freaking year? i feel like i just tripped on a banana peal and reality hit me in the head - or the crowdsurfing maniac from the other day..
well, it is definitely time for me to take a half hour nap, print my paper and head up to class to finish the third class of this semester. next week is the last week!!

18 days.

april 30 - tutto finito


about an hour ago, i squeaked. jovana obradovic squeaked à la jess and anna karan. finishing that paper just felt amazing and relieving to the point where i felt that i, the i'd-rather-do-five-hours-on-the-elliptical-than-run-a-mile-girl, could run eight miles, write fifteen academic papers, or just party for three days in a row. that's how relieving it was. pheew.

the spanish placement test was not today, steph got the dates wrong, so it's next week instead. however, i managed to finish another paper, this one and to still enjoy the company of my nyc-faves: eleanor, anna, kayla, kelly and dennis :) a lot of spanx to all of you my fellow brainiacs and hbics.

i cannot believe it's only three weeks until i arrive at arlanda airport in stockholm and throw myself in my family's arms. i am so excited. i also landed to informational interviews today, one with the eBusiness producer of gucci and one with the PR coordinator at Time magazine. now, that's exciiiiiiiite material.

one more blog to write and then it's time for me to actually relax in my dreams.

gori more,
tope se planine

april 27 - summer summer summerTIME


time for a presentation. i'm doing it on free software GNU/Linux - anyone familiar with it?
still struggling with essay. don't know how to finish it. this whole perfectionist-thing is definitely going to be the end of me one day. and, you should see my bed right now. like yugoslavia in the 90s - disaster.

talk to you later,

thank god for
my family.

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