july 6 - why not?


long day with insurance, guarantors, work, international stuff, computer issues, times square, coffees, sweat, and lavo.

the beauty of new york - there's never nothing to do and that's what makes it fun. if you're bored, you chose being bored. it's as simple as that :) after a long day of dealing with stuff and catching up with people, linda and i decided to go out. it was only a one hour ordeal. just wasn't feeling it tonight.

detox starts tonight. it's gonna be an interesting week, but now - sleep and some more sweat.


i love this

april 17 - jukebox v. shoebox


back in the shoebox after two weeks with anna in the jukebox.

it's ridiculous how comfortable you get with certain people. haha. if there was a hidden camera in her apartment, i wouldn't have wanted to live today, literally. the singing, dancing, cooking, studying, working; the bad jokes, the tiredness, the outfits, the problems, my sneeze, her laugh - life.

anyways, back in my little shoebox now. although my roomies and i get along, i'm still haven't gotten used to this tiny apartment and never will. can't wait to move in august!

oh well, no more writing. time for me to get back to work, sleep and get up tomorrow for a therapy (powerwalking) session in central park.


let me eat all
these lies up

march 5 - which way is right, which way is wrong?


wow. yesterday was.. FUN. i can sum up my day in one photo:

after waking up at 4pm, missing all my social dates, and listening to my parents laugh at how hung over i was, i worked a little and then i went to bed around 1:30am. really great and productive day. ohyes, it was. nonetheless, the day before that rocked my socks hard core. what was supposed to be a wine-night turned into a rough party-night. can't believe my strategy of wearing flat boots to not go out didn't work....

today, i slept in a little, had a meeting with danna at 9am, skyped with olja, and have been working on various things since. my stomach is still not doing well. i hope i'm not getting sick.. LA in four days - can't wait to just feel some warmth and take care of myself a little (and bore my sister :)). but first, midterms and press week!

i wish you all a great week - happy monday!

home home

march 1 - until the end of time


february 25 - a new yorker morning


work, school, meeting, groceries, laundry, studying, eating, studying, eating some more, and more, not a cliché crammer at all..

although this was a couple of days ago, this is how everyone with a rooftop should start off their day.
made me so incredibly happy. all cheese.

can't wait to have a rooftop
with miss jessili!

february 23 - for your entertainment!


whoa, long and productive day. really need to sleep, 7am powerwalk scheduled with anna - after having coffee on the rooftop, coffee with despi, classes, serbian party with tamara & her co :) but first, check out our amusing (..) study-breaks:

men should be throwing themselves at us right about...

february 18 - brdeeej vikend!

february 11 - do the wiggle man


boy look at that body!

february 7 - whoaaa, oldie


wow, i really don't have the stamina to go three days in a row anymore. i almost fell asleep after 2.. this is bad, it really means i'm getting old (never mention that to me though, as i'm in complete denial of the fact).

saturday was a mix of hectic and fabulous. the search for a bday outfit was a complete failure until i (three hours later) stepped foot into h&m where i wanted eeeeverything. their s/s collection is def my favorite this far.

saturday night was the fabulous part. the dinner was a success, the punch much so, and the group and club were amazing! the night was full of laughter, jokes, serious convos and a lot of dancing (i.e. until the club closed). my ladies got me an armani code, since mine is tutto finito! the comments of the night were hilarious as well. the bathroom guy got super-confused after jess told him i was his girlfriend and shortly thereafter appeared with a guy; an indian guy decided it would be a great idea to approach me to explain, for about five minutes, and illustrate, with his hands, how perfect my ass is (i guess sometime has to be a first??); a guy wearing a rabbit fur tried convincing me that it was mink; i thought it'd be a good idea to assure the bartender that he was the hottest bartender i had ever seen; a business man tried creating a physical connection; and those were about all the craziness worth and allowed mentioning here.

after connecting with a bulgarian fellow outside stash, i decided it might be a good idea to go home and clean up the kitchen, i.e. the fridge. feasted for almost an hour before i realized that i was way too intoxicated to not be sleeping. and so, i did.

waking up the next morning was kind of a hilarious experience. first of all, it felt like i had a red sourpatch in my mouth, thank god it was only the tast. second, there was red lipstick everywhere. third, i realized how much i had eaten in my intoxicated state of mind, while filling my photobooth-gallery?! and third, i was only two hours away from the superbowl celebration at amaze. anyways, i have no more to write except for the fact that this is going to be a crazy week in every sense and that new york was on crack after the giants' superbowl win. me? i was sleeping.

my actual birthday was spent reading, writing, sleeping, having a perfect dinner with jess, gg, getting two very-jovana gifts from both her and my sister, studying some more, and falling asleep. enjoy the pics!


nuff said.

january 29 - liar liar, pants on fire


so girls night kinda went crazy when we decided to go out. we ended up at SL, where a gay guy told me he had checked me out because i was "totally adorbz" and went on doublefisting to light my cigarette. otherwise, it was a very turbulent night, which thankfully turned out to be great :) i think we headed home around 3:30 or 4:00 after chatting with a guy that works for the awesome saturdays surf nyc.

four hours later, i woke up for a massage that the girls got me for my birthday (almost a year ago). it was painful, but good. i hate the feeling after a massage though. it is as though you're walking on clouds or something, i can't really put it in words.. it's like not feeling the street you're walking on and just like in your own little box.
i tried studying a little bit and then it was time for round two (i'm getting too old for this). and if i thought friday night was weird, i had noooo clue what was ahead of me on saturday. after two promoters started following me on twitter, i decided to contact them and see what was up. tenjune was an option, but the $20 cover was nothing we wanted to spend on a club that hasn't gotten the best reviews. haha, along we went across the street to a club that should be named "random." partying it up in there were people aged high school to grandma. so weird. we called it a night early.

woke up today, had pancakes while watching the euro-finale in handball between serbia and denmark. serbia lost, but the two other wins (djokovic and the waterpolo team) kinda made up for that loss :) good day for serbia. pilates was next on the schedule and it feels so good to feel alive again. thank you "muscles!"

ok, it's time for school and work.

december 17 - D day


sorry for being the worst blogger ever. a lot has been on my mind lately, not to mention the amount of stress that came with finals week and work deadlines this year. and the personal stuff.

apparently, it wasn't for nothing - i have already gotten two grades: A and A-, now there's the class i'm extra worried about that is yet to be announced. but, as i told jess today, grades are so pointless if your mind is not set for gradschool. that is not to say that grades are irrelevant for your own good, if you set a goal in letters, then you should also reach that goal in letters. the question is how sound it is to set goals in letters that no one is going to look at when you get thrown out in the job market?

anyways, my past two days have been all about appreciating new york. or actually, yesterday was about being a dead starfish too tired to get up from the couch to even answer the phone. but today - today was about appreciating new york. had coffee with despi, went home and packed, and watched new year's eve with jess. after that, we tolk a short little walk, which i prolonged by getting off one subway stop too early, calling anna and going to my favorite street vendor for some grapes.

i'm all packed and ready to go. taking a cab at 2 tomorrow although my flight isn't until 6:35pm, don't want the frantic history to repeat itself for a third time and almost miss the flight again. i think it's time to step that part of the whole traveling procedure. anyways, this is how i've spent my two days of "freedom," in pics:

the dead starfish:

hästens has a great motto - too bad we have to agree to disagree

not even the bad photo from my crapberry can keep me from appreciating nyc

happy tired.girl.90 excited to go home:
see you on the other side,

november 21 - baby it's ooooveer


oh stop being such dramaqueens - i'm just writing about the weekend.

it was a good weekend, with a great mix of activities, lacking severely on the aspect on school-work. nonetheless, it was very productive work-wise and red bull vodkas were apparently the way to go yesterday. i can't say i agree with that way today. i wish death upon red bull vodkas.

last night was fun indeed. started at a sportsbar, which we were all very skeptical towards from scratch, but it ended up being laid back and fun. joined all the models outside 1oak, didn't get in of course, ordinary as we are. so, we headed home - southside that is. danced like never before, one guy wouldn't let me leave and another was laughing at my tries to get rid of him.

i hated my life this morning, but got to work after taking a two hour nap and debating on what to eat for about two additional hours. ohwell. here comes the before and after.

sve dok

november 6 - cultures ❤


i had the perfect new york day yesterday.

the day started with some work and a trip to flatbush, brooklyn, to go to the MoCADA and see an exhibition for school. after a quick target run, we headed back home to the UES and "started" some work here. but quickly decided to go with molly to h&m. got myself a thick chunk knit sweater, which i actually ended up wearing last night.

after a rough week in many ways, my friends decided to take me barhopping on the LES.
we started off at anna's and jackie's with drinks, music and chitchat. the barhopping started at spitzers, then pianos, schillers, boss tweeds saloon where we stayed for 2for1 in drinks while watching guys play beerpong and trying to make some baskets, after a huge firetruck mayhem outside the balkan club, we decided to go there and check it out. i tried serbian-talking my way out of paying the $10 coverage charge, but the bulgarians weren't on my side tonight. their explanation was that they had had a live band their just before we showed up and it was packed.

packed it was, indeed. and we had so much fun. a swede, a serbian, a russian and a cuban-french rocked the dancefloor at Mehanata and took turns to run for water :) kolo was danced, both russian and serbian, the cuban and mexican salsa was showing off, as was the swedish charm. amazing night (to say the least). i'm going back to mehanata veeery soon that's for sure.

and now for your entertainment - some pictures:

a real
sticky situation

october 31 - happy halloween


one of the worst days of my life yesterday. got so exhausted that i fell asleep with my upper body on the bed and the lower body on the floor. i don't wanna write about yesterday since it's all very personal and i choose not to share that with you guys. so, here are some pictures from saturday's "barbie night" for your entertainment.

the effort people put into their halloween costumes!
have a great day and take care of each other.

october 29 - barbie night


so we're reaaadyyy jess and i are going as barbies, which is the most hilarious thing in the world - especially since i'm not barbie in any sense!! see you on the serious side, xo!

hahahaha! goodnight

october 22 - the best way to start your day


last night was great, the sushi at blue ribbon sushi was the best sushi i've ever had, after nobu. really fresh and interesting. dad's guy and his wife were also really nice and we had good conversation about world problems while comparing sweden to the states. jess came over shortly thereafter and we had fruitsallad with ready whip while watching "i don't know how she does it." my take on the movie - sjp should have ended her career as "carrie" - horrible movie - no plot, not funny, bad lines. egh. i just didn't like it.

about this morning: no words need be said. just enjoy the pics. although blurry, they can give you a hint of what it feels like starting your day with a sunny fall-day in central park with your bff :)

ahh, i need to put my love of this city into my books right now.
write you later (maybe),


october 13 - sweet weekend


so, there are three ways of staying sane at NYU
  1. be insane
  2. be insane
  3. be insane
i think i'm all of them.. every thursday when i get home i just throw my stuff on the couch, listen to music and sing. good thing eleanor and mols aren't here. their ear-doctor bills would get expensive.

took the nyu-pic, i have orange hair on it and look like a serbian rich grandma.
i mourned away with green curry followed by a meeting and now i'm home. time to start doing work.

ohyeah, almost forgot - let me introduce to you the new it-face.
it's a shame vogue wouldn't have me as their cover-girl!

damn, why you gotta
be so fly?

october 3 - ποιος άξιζε πες μου


just came back inside after talking to our neighbor who happens to be really cool - no, not part of the "baller" dudes above us. we sat out there for a good hour and decided some day, we should party together.

all day today has been super-slow and filled with work and studying. i also managed to watch a movie (The Whistleblower) about the post-war human trafficking in bosnia. however, it is an american movie and i'm kinda skeptical to the whole "we always save the world" mindset that goes into most of those movies.. it's worth watching - if you don't have a weak stomach though. cool to hear gorgeous monica bellucci speak russian too! and funny how sergej trifunovic plays the king of trafficking.. ha.

saturday was fun. started here with wine, candy, chips, pretzels, laughs and talks :) and after roaming around in meatpacking, we ended up at the griffin, which sucked. that's when we came to our senses, jumped in a cab and, per usual, ended up at "sloppy" southside. had soooo much fun with the guys and danced the night away! i'll provide you with some pics to illustrate the fun:

this last pic describes almost everything you need to know about me,
and yeah, i have a face too

time for me to fall asleep accompanied by the most beautiful song ever made!

september 18 - mama anna


just finished a good dinner at anna's with jess and it is now time for us to get the show on the road. read: studying.
the chocolate is here, the apples and the water is here as well.

but, before i start let me tell you about the epic and very forgettable friday night.
jess and i went out for drinks on the upper east side, had fun and started off a really cozy night. until travis texted me asking if we wanted to come with them to southside. long story short, we ended up going to southside, passed the line of louboutins and short skirts in our jeans and boots and after "a hug of love," we were inside and partying it up. the rest remains history.

let me show you the night in pictures - i have to work!

let's do this

september 11 - oversold


at this point, going to ikea is nothing but a waste of time. i got up early this morning to meet jess at wall street and take the cozy ferry trip to brooklyn and ikea. i went to get some more organization stuff, since i have more clothes than i would ever admit to owning. the search and digging in the deepest boxes of ikea was for nothing. they didn't have what i was looking for - surprise! but, the whole trip wasn't for nothing - i got to spend time with my bestest AND have some delish meatballs and "mjukglass."

post the ikea journey, jess and i went to oded brenner's place "little brown" to enjoy some delish coffee and embrace the divine aroma of chocolate, while reading like we've never read before. a couple of hours later, my stomach was craving sabra's supremely spicy humus and pretzels, while jess' was craving fries. our stomachs wishes = our commands, so strolled along 86th to fairway to please them.

kelly took a trip up here to leave my stuff and hang out. the rest is organizing history. at least now we have a very clean and neat apartment. all we need are the beds!

although i was planning on sleeping in tomorrow and waking up rested on monday for a new week of classes, i am going to target for the last desperate attempt to find storage boxes. after target, we are doing laundry, studying and going on a central park run/walk.


ain't nothing like
a cup of coffee and a side of good chocolate :)

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