april 11 - awake


i like my mornings:
- with a completed checklist
- with a smile on my face
- with skype with my grandma
- with a big breakfast and a bigger cup of coffee
- and, with good music

keep on

february 21 - press mess stress


november 14 - wounded rhymes


do what i do, listen to lykke li all day, every day.
her new album is as amazing as the previous ones. this one just has fiercer videos thus far.
can't wait to see the rest!

have a great day,

i hear your shouting,
i feel your pounding

october 25 - the manifesto


bored out of our minds while studying last night, anna and i outlined a manifesto to maintain our health. both of us have gotten weird zits and stomach problems these past couple of days, which have most likely surfaced from our fairly unhealthy (rather, self-destructive) lifestyles. the manifesto includes fun stuff such as no sugar, no food after 10pm, at least two workouts a week etc.

the midterm today went ok - no more, no less. i didn't think it was going to be that focused on details and i also went in with the mindset that i already hated the midterm - only mtp choice and true/false questions - fail. following the midterm was a guest-lecture by a senegalese woman who spoke about growing up with a polygamous father and with constant pressure of having to get married. interesting lecture.

had a meeting with my boss again and once again, i realized that i'm actually doing something good :) wiiha, if this goes the way i want it to, big things are on the horizon! my keyboard turned all greek when my boss left and that was great, took me a while to figure out where all the letters are etc. cleared my head while walking down to jess's dorm where she made us veggie-burgers, soy-noodles and stir-fried veggies. yes, of course we watched gossip girl! now, i'm building up my own greek dictionary - unfortunately, my burning eyes won't cooperate, so i think i should just go to bed and wake up early and finish this? yup, that's what i'm gonna do.

support the locals! - stockholm's christian niva recently released his album, one song is finally on youtube, but only has 78 views. support swedish talent ;) goodnight!


what have we done?
we've done nothing.

august 24 - wake up


wonder who's thinking about my morning-swollen face with filthy hair and in a waaay to pink tank?

i know that many of you have problems waking up, or you might just be plain evil when you wake up. that's why i'm generously going to offer you the playlist of kalithea '11, in a try to make you a happy morning person. put this music on, turn on the coffee machine and smile at how wonderful your life is, even when it isn't. the brain is good at convincing your mind and body that you feel the way it tells it to, though at times it might merely be an illusion.


last, but not least,
the great summer-hit:
"in maj beddrumm"

i already miss kalithea,
only 350-something days to go!

july 5 - obvious


you might wanna be high to believe in it, you might think you have it, you might hate it, heck, you might even love it. trust is fucked up in its natural state, still people feel the need to add to its fucked-up-ness.


june 18 - i hereby declare you obliged


to listen to this song!

great night with the guys. so silly, so easy, so drama-less. just gotta love it :)
we decided to stay in instead of going to a local bday party. good decision, although i hope people had fun at the party as well. four glasses of wine later, it's time for me to go to bed and recharge for tomorrow's workday.

open your hand,
take a glass

may 12 - time (and time again)


we all know i master the techniques of procrastination, this final paper doesn't even beg to differ.
the cursor is still pointing at that same page it was last night. i'm not worried though. the fact that it is an analysis of propaganda makes it so much easier and interesting to deal with. it will be done on friday by 6pm, i knowz it.

after my very inspiring, interesting, and insightful interview with the PR coordinator of time inc., natasha hirji, i walked straight to trader joe's for some groceries and then refilled my adrenaline tank at the gym for two hours. that adrenaline doesn't count for anything, if it's not accompanied by some good music. that's why i thought i'd share the newest gits - g(ymh)its :D

life in the
fast lane

may 11 - caffeinated wisdom


during the two hours i have currently been awake, the following has caught my attention: the US presbyterian church allows gay clergy; julian assange has been awarded the peace prize by an non-profit org based in australia; two people killed in yemen-protests; gingrich is announces if he's running for president or not today; al qaida might not appoint a successor to bin laden; mosques vandalized throughout the US; melinda kerr breastfeeds on the job; asia-fantasia in model world; and blake lively has gone strawberry and thus, lost everything that once made her stunning.

and that's not all. but some of it. all this was processed while enjoying my steel cut oatmel and a cup of delish coffee (or two..). steph's goodbye is in four hours, my interview in seven and a half. hitting the gym after that - soon i will be able to use the word "meatballs" as a metaphor for my legs - no joke.

anyways, time for me to write about ellul's "everything is propaganda" mindset in context with obama's facebooking in 2008 and harrison's use of the log cabin in the 1840's - thrilled.

talk to you laaaaaaaaaater,

good morning

may 7 - waiting for tonight uhoh


jeez, i woke up really late.

after this blogpost, it's time for me to cram old jovana-style, which means being super productive in a short period of time. i am doing this, because i believe tonight is going to be worth every single ounce of anxiety that's gonna be present in my body tomorrow :)

gameplan: study, workout, groceries & wine, anna's for pregame and then lavo :)
have a great saturday night my beloved!


back to

may 4 - grey skies, good music


you know the silly people smiling at their screen looking like they're speaking to the love of their lives or just got something? well, i'm one of those and let me tell you that neither the former nor the latter has anything to do with my smile. it's music - the perfect music at the perfect time.

greek just always does it for me.
i don't know if it is about the memories or if it is just that i have a slight language-obsession?

while i head to class, you guys enjoy panos kiamos.

april 30 - ecstasy


it has been a great day in the neighborhood - bobst that is. i just love my little crew, regardless of our many personal quirks! today was "intervention" day and it was reassuring to see what great group of friends we are. you all should be jealous if you ever see us walking down the street. the fab fierce LOUD friends :)

anyways, the rest of the day was spent smiling at my screen on which greek music has been playing all day. this was followed by an afternoon of enjoying the many versions of aqua's barbie girl available on youtube. such a shame, did no one ever tell you that a remake is never as good as the original? obviously, i planned to go to the gym at 8, which also happened to be the time it closes - fail.

now, for your enjoyment,
come on barbie let's go party.

i can't believe i was seven when singing about someone
"undressing me everywhere" ...


march 28 - F.A.M.E


forgiving all my enemies
fans are my everything

anger management. hot stud. domestic abuser. ugly blonde. stylish. heavily tatted. good dancer.
call him whatever you want, his new album is on fire!

and here it is.
enjoy and goodnight :)

i would never give
it up

march 27 - beat obsessions


almost finished with my skype-date sunday tradition. only linda left and then i'll be good to go :)
meanwhile, i'm enjoying romanian house beats and smiling for myself.


and then we have the whole playlist
yaa bb, ya bb
ya bb

march 5 - i got myself falling in love


stuck with my books and a cup of coffee.
why make it boring when you can just put on some house music and pretend you're in greece? (i wish)

baby make your move,
step across the line

march 4 - politically correct studying


technically, we did study, in a discussion sesh about everything from israel, to kosovo, to america.
practically, we drank wine and had chipotle.
with this song, i wish you all a pleasant and enjoyable night.

nothing is real

22 februari - we in da house


a headache won't stop me from blasting house-music.
especially not if it's from one of my friends and this good.
congrats alil, you did a great job.


16 februari - vegan cuisine


sov hela dagen idag. HELA. skrev klart min uppsats och sen fick nyquil ta över.
vaknade halv sju i världens panik. nu ligger jag officiellt efter i mitt plugg. tyvärr är jag bara människa och har ett immunsystem som inte är så kooperativt.

mina pumpor och jag drog till red bamboo där vi avnjöt vegetariansk/vegansk mat.
min aptit är inte på topp så tog en soppa och spring rolls. tessie åt creole soul chicken och bullen käka coconut chicken med deep fried broccoli and yams :) det var riktigt gott. synd att jag älskar kött (och päls..)!

imorgon är det dags för föreläsning för första gången på tre dagar, därefter möte på karriärscentret, ska ta ett myers-briggs personlighetstest som säger vad man passar i för karriärer ;) därefter blir det williamsburg med tjejerna för vintage shopping. dagen avslutas med god sushi på haru sushi. bilder kommer imorgon.

em killed all of the perfomers at the Grammys 2011
mad respect for his talent.

12 februari - sick night, sick cold


efter att ha upptäckt en dold skolanda på killarnas basketmatch, bestämde jag, els och anchi för att gå ut. kvällen började runt 23 och slutade 08 - hello new york, you're insane and i love it. jag är tillbaka i gammal jovana anda och det känns sjukt bra och uppfriskande. imorgon är det dock plugg till max som gäller.

nu är det sov dags - jag har lyckats bli sjuk.
välkomna till min blogg mina själsfränder - facebook och twitter :)
hoppas att ni har haft en bra helg,

hello dearest obsession called music,
veranda and south side apparently did their jobs

lo lo lo lonely heart

3 februari - bananer och piskor


bara en artist i världen som lyckas. och en av få som lyckas klara av illrött också. rihanna baby.
herregud vilken brulla. nej, hon har inte världens bästa röst och hon är inte heller världens mest perfekta, mycket retuschering ryktas det. men vilken entertainer! mvg på rihanna.

skriver nog imorgon kväll igen, är trött efter en lång natt och dag. min 4 timmars nap hjälpte inte så mycket, så det blir sovdags nu.
imorgon morgon blir det shopping på times square - bday outfit heheey!

i've been missing you all week,
my dearest gym

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