june 5 - wooot!


4 workouts last week, this week's started today with a powerwalk/run around the reservoir. one round of pw and the other of jogging/sprinting. perfect start of my day.

rest of the day:
having coffee & working with jacks
meeting with da baaus
alumni event
kafana with the lazics

ok, gotta go shower before jacks gets here!


all day,

march 12 - iheart


just a little update since it's the end of my first weekend in LA. i'm so happy to see my sister and be around real college-kids that actually know how to relax. it's a good break from the i-have-fifteen-internship-never-sleep-to-be-the-best lifestyle that most NYU-kids lead. until now: hara twice, shopping, ucla-sightseeing, ucla pool, barney's beanery, groceries, long walk and just hanging out :) i love my sis and couldn't be happier to spend my spring break with her!

what she odaa?
fish filleet!

february 15 - my man


couldn't have asked for a better tuesday: got a rose (from a SPA)-meeting-class-meeting-errands-dinner-movie.

the two latter were of course spent with this year's (or every year's) hubby - jess. we had sushi and wine at a great place in hells kitchen and spoke about everything. we also realized that we have some urgent action we need to take in our lives for them to be as fab as they can and will be. we then moved towards lincoln square where we obviously had to watch a typical chick-flick, this time: the vow. i definitely don't agree with the critics claiming that it's the second notebook - so.not.true. but it was a cute story and a movie that got us thinking :)

it's time for me to write goodnight and hug my pillow.

from the perfect start
to the finish line

february 4 - the day before THE day


once again, i laughed my way through the senior media seminar, together with the rest of the 15 student in the class. love our prof! after the class, i headed to palladium to meet up with anna for a gym sesh. 2 hours later, we were at whole foods getting chips - good combo there: work it out, take it in.

skype with baba and maca, mama and paps, cleaning, showering, facial, nails, work, a reading, writing out the plan for tomorrow, organizing and now a movie (for class of course) - eating nonstop! haha.

tomorrow looks like follows: walk in central park, outfit shopping, grocery- and alcohol shopping, working/studying, cooking, getting ready and partying!


πες μου το
καλύτερο ψέμα

february 1 - say what?!


i know it's very cliché to complain about how time flies. but honestly - february? when the fuck did that happen?

so, i'm 22 in five days. don't know how i feel about that. how should i feel about that? weird, indifferent, happy or just sad? i just don't think i care. i guess the only thing changing is that i'm just a year closer to wrinkles and grey hair. but hey, it's my last year of school - not complaining! :)

one of the weirder days of my lifetime today. woke up after a psycho dream to finish some work and readings. went to greek - worst class thus far -, the meeting with anna and joe was good, clarified some minor issues in my little career-to-be. then came the big bang. i was convinced that my law&society class started at 2:30pm. i stomped into class and thought "wow, being one minute late to this class really makes a difference." until i found out that my proud walk in front of the class and sitting next to the T.A. was highly inappropriate, since i was 30min late! not even falling flat on my face in downtown NYC was that embarrassing, true story.

after some frustrating email correspondance, i couldn't have been more relieved when i stood in front of the gym eager to just work the shit out of all days' mishaps. 2.5 hours work-out later, anna and i found ourselves in the massive line at trader joe's. when i got home, i took a long shower, cooked my self some à la jovana, finished off with 16 handles (uuhh.. that did not sound appropriate..), and started doing greek and editing.

might i add: my jeans are a terrible fit right now, all of them.
tomorrow is a big day, so i better go to bed!

sve ono sto sam
tebi radila

january 26 - i'm engaged to be married


i haven't told you anything because i didn't know if it was gonna work out. but hey, a card-swipe later and me and my hubby are perfectly fine. meet mr. perfect:

no, it's not a joke. i'm engaged to this tool. how would i otherwise manage my days with about three jobs, projects, school and stay in touch with all my loved ones around the world? what real man could help me with that? haha :)

i have my first meeting with owen today, tomorrow with danna and i'm on a role. except from the fact that i don't remember any greek. i was devirginized in cluelessness in yesterday's greek class and it was horrible. she called on me, my brain went blank and i simply had to respond: "i'm sorry, i really don't remember anything." good feeling having a professor get disappointed in you......

time to get ready,

happily in

january 22 - new year


hey everyone - i'm back. decided not to blog during my vacay in order to spend time with my loved ones and not care about anything else. there's your explanation, nothing else - still not married, pregnant, a girlfriend, in jail, or a big shot.

there's got to be something with me + travelling. this morning i headed to the airport sleepless and semi-tired. after a 50min flight (in the wrong direction) to berlin, i decided to go straight to the security check to get that overwith. but oh no - after waiting an hour in line, i went through security and the gate-area was empty, except from a couple of benches and some pathetic corner they decided to name "duty free." after spending two hours there, i was kicked out because they had to clean the area?? met a swedish guy, with whom i then had coffee. around one it was time for the same procedure again, but this time i didn't get kicked out of the area. i jokingly said that the worst thing would be if they didn't have any tv-screens for the nine-hour-flight to come - JINX - they didn't... the food was disgusting as well. when we arrived to jfk i couldn't have been happier, until my luggage came rolling towards me. broken.

anyways, i'm here now. el and i went for dinner at hummus kitchen, went by h&m, duane reade and cvs for miscellaneous stuff. after our little adventure, i've unpacked, showered, watched a show and it is now time for me to say goodnight!

it's a new year with fresh days and perfect ways!

ljubav je to!

december 18 - why aren't I surprised?


i have now been at heathrow in 8 and a half hours. staring at this:

okok, i guess it's a nice tree and all. but nothing is nice for 8 and 1/2 hours - almost nothing. the reason for the delay was a seat malfunction when we were supposed to take off from JFK. the plane was full and since no one got enticed by the upgrade + $400 award for switching flight to one that left only 20 minutes later (could only have handluggage), we were stuck for about an hour. before we even arrived to heathrow, they announced that most of us were going to have to rebook our tickets...

this also means that when i arrive in sweden (when i hopefully do), i will have been traveling for 24 hours. so fresh and so clean clean (and so pissed off). i think the universe of travel and i have a passionate lovehating relationship.

anyways, sent in a claim and managed to get some work out of the way. now, i just need to stay awake until i take my window seat and doze off. pray i don't snore. thanks.


still doesn't feel like
finals week is over...

november 29 - in times like these


"i wish i could just have a GG marathon and eat peanut m&ms"
"hold on, be right back"

ten minutes later my door is buzzed and this amazing human being walks through the door, carrying just what i wanted - season 1 of GG, peanut m&ms, AND herself.

we're better than S&B at being besties.
love you jess!

not quite the chuck you equivocate with
the sexiest man in the world, huh?
just shut up and
drive, drive, drive

november 25 - fooooood(coma)


let's just say this thanksgiving differed from past year's a whole lot! not that last year's thanksgiving was bad, it was great - but this was def the best. jacks and anna cooked a lot, i helped with what i could and we ended up having a feast of non-traditional ft. traditional thanksgiving food:

skipped the wine today though, because that bottle yesterday was definitely enough to fulfill my "wine-quote" per month. wine just isn't my thing. we had some great conversation, realizing that we're growing up and all, and about our families, our men (read: the lack thereof), school and the future. met molly on the way home and got amazed by the line outside of h&m, black friday..

i hope you guys had as great a night i did and take care of your beloveds - now i'm in my PJs and soo ready to go to bed.

it's not the end of the world,
it's just the end of a world

october 11 - say yes to the stress


after waking up this morning at 7:15 unable to go back to sleep, i somehow later on managed to oversleep and wondered how effed up this day was going to be. then, when i had done some studying and skyped with linda i was all good and this afternoon made everything perfect!

my life is definitely heading in the right direction. opportunities are popping up everywhere and i'm never late to accept them. i just took on another PR-social media assistant job for my boss, Anna Akbari and St Lucia Heaven - wish me luck? i'm so excited and i just can't hide it, people were laughing at my "beautiful" smile walking the streets of midtown west.

after the great meeting and calling my mom to let her know the great news, i met jess and we cooked. damn: no instructions, no confusion and no discussion! we just started and after 20 minutes, our plates were served with chicken, stir fry vegetables in soy sauce, and rice :) namnamnam. ain't no thing like a good couple in the kitchen. hahaha! after our discussions on marriage etc., we enjoyed the standard monday-episode of gossip girl and then i headed home.

now, i've finished up some tweets, finished a pitch, started a paper and i'm going to finish another reading before i go to bed and hopefully fall asleep :)

i'm gonna tell you something you don't want to hear:
life is amazing, i feel amazing and i think i'm in the perfect state of mind!

october 6 - on the bus


in a little less than two hours, i will be in the capital of the US with my olja, her sister and her family :) i am really excited.

can't help but complain about the wireless on the bus though. i thought i could be productive while on the bus in order to save time for other fun stuff during the three days i'm going to stay in dc. but no. instead, i fell asleep because of the amount of time it takes to load a website - no, i'm not joking. when i woke up, i had written "nnnn" over three pages in word. hahaha! awkward.

anyways, tonight we are just going to chill.
tomorrow, we're going do touristy-things and then go out.
on saturday, it's time for some outlet-shopping and another night out.
sunday's activities are tba (to be announced), since i'm going home then.

funny thing happened today again. as anna and i walked into the yankees clubhouse shop on times square, i said i was looking for baby-clothes and while we were looking through the perfect outfit for little stefan, we overheard: "well, yeah man, she seems pretty fertil?"- hahaha, what the f does that mean? anna just goes: "aaw, i can't believe he's already that big!" and i go: "yeah, time flies.." HAHA. oh god, if they only knew who they were referring to!

i'm gonna give this internet a last try before proceeding with my nnnnnn.

ja klečim samo
pred bogom

october 1 - PSYCHE!


haha, i found my ipod. or eleanor found it - in her purse. obviously i would give it to her while grocery shopping?
stupid. wiihaaa, my life is saved! anyways, time for me to get to sarabeths with mikaela and company. thirty block walk here i come!


october 1 - and i've done it again!


happy bday world's greatest dad! you couldn't have prouder daughters. love you (and no, i haven't picked the candy up yet!)

happy anniversairy pina and harri <3

so here it comes - i don't know where the case for my glasses is or where my ipod is. GREAT. fucking fantastic, jovana. the glasses case can't have been lost anywhere except for school, so i'm gonna go to the lost&found department after praying to god that it's there. the ipod is just a weird story - either someone stole it from me or i dropped it, or it's laying around our "neat" apartment somewhere. that's also an interesting story.
fuck my life. does anyone know any kind of therapy one could go to for clumsiness? - if you do, please holla.

yesterday was a good day. met up with ania to study at browns, where a father and a daughter were talking family problems, divorces, hate etc. weird convo to have in a very open and loud café. after enjoying a spicy wrap and an iced tea lemonade (not coffee, wootwoot), i went home to change and headed up to the kaiawinehouse, where i met up with taylor. we haven't seen each other in a year. it was definitely good catching up!

i ended the night making a quinoa soup-ish thing with aubergine, tomato and vegetable broth - yuminmytu. also watched a great turkish movie - Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever ("Love Likes Coincidences) :)
in an hour or two, i'm meeting up with mikaela and co in the park, since they cancelled on dinner last night.
but until then, i must work.

nikola jovanovic.



29 september - m.y. b.e.d.


i love my life. love, adore, cherish.
whatever you want to call it - my life is perfect right now.

i thought i was going to hate my life after this day, but after grabbing amazing noodle soup at m2m with kelly and seeing all the smiling roshashana-celebrating jewish families, i realized that my life is great - and, it didn't even rain. wootwoot. something is going my way. i think the world might just happen to like me again?

when i came home, i was like a freaking lightbulb. filled with energy and happiness, i decided to not sit by the table and study, but instead gathered my books and sat in the window :) people-watching, reading and fresh air. perfect. it so happened to be a very effective study-technique of mine. finished a chapter in adv&mark, my greek dialogue and the whole greek glossary (verbs, nouns, adjectives and miscellaneous included).

i didn't even get tired from the reading, which is usually the inevitable with me.
i spoke too soon - now i'm exhausted.
and, yeah, obviosuly weezy blasting in my ears.

blood-shed eyes
is the new black.

september 23 - the essence of my pride


the sky is falling down in new york and i am having a day of appreciation - appreciation for my amazing family.

my parents are young. very young. they started from nothing and became something through mere ambition and strong willpower. they had two daughters by the age of 25 and managed to raise them, while figuring their own lives out.

my parents have been married for 25 years next year and they have two grown-up daughters. whenever they argue or we argue, they still manage to get some fun of it. they kiss, hug and hold hands when they go out in public. my dad cooks for my mom, surprises her with weekend trips and vice versa. the rough days are coped with through having a positive outlook on life and knowing that even the roughest days bring opportunities.
when i see my parents together, i see happiness and strength.

my parents are a team and they have made our family a team.
whatever happens, i know that they will always be there for me, whatever it may be.
and let me tell you, there is no better feeling than that.

then we have junior, my little sandy (i'm in denial - she's taller than me). today is her first day at ucla and i am sooooo fucking proud. she's a soc-major, which fyi is one of the hardest majors to have at ucla. my sister and i are like night and day, black and white, sweet and sour, yet without my sister i don't know what i would do. i wouldn't be me. and yeah, sandypants, you know i'm really bad at this whole emotion-thing, something we actually have in common, so here are som pictures from your retarded sister showing how she feels about you going to ucla:

volim vas mama tata i sandra <3

september 21 - i'mma put me to bed


the alarm is set for 6:10am. i predict an icecold shower and a huge cup of swedish brewed coffee will do the trick for me to manage this monstruous wednesday: one presentation, one assignment and one quiz - maybe now would be the right time to proudly wear my fml tee?

well.. i finally got my bed and somehow managed to assemble it, though looking like a witch upon completion.
point being: why am i sitting here when i can actually fall asleep comfortably?


gledas me kao
bez duse

september 16 - jess in the bathroom


I guess this is a good time to blog - bar hopping with the best woman aka jess rosenquist, so happy we're together! ill update you for real tomorrow, I have a lot to write!!


september 13 - ready, set, GO.


good day of classes today, greek was intense as usual and we got three assignments for tomorrow.
i also have a presentation for tomorrow and a bunch of readings.

BUT, now it's time for something much more fun.
i did not want to mention anything before it was time, but today is the official start of my internship with Dr. Anna Akbari. she is my professor from two semesters back and definitely a rolemodel of mine. so, that's gonna be an honor and a huge learning-experience that i am very excited about.
i will update you on what i am doing and how it is going, but i'm so ready to work on the side of school.

gotta go,
have a great day.

se thelw,
to xereis

september 13 - the perfect neighbors..


about half an hour ago, rock was playing in the apartment above us. the rock was mixed with donell jones' sexsongs, ciara's girlpowersongs and of course, the neighbors screaming and "singing" their vocalcords off. it's great that people love to have fun and enjoy there lives, but on a monday night?! come on guys..

i had a really hard time studying and during this past half hour i have probably accomplished more than i have since i came home at 8pm. novak djokovic won the US open, which obviously made me happy and very motivated to study. yet, that all changed when the mayhem in apt 2E started.

we went for a pinkberry run to calm down our heads (and nerves) and then went back to studying/laughing histerically at ten dudes singing sex-songs really loudly.

today was a good school day. turned in a paper and have a presentation upcoming this wednesday for that same class. i also have to learn to present myself  and memorize a whole dialogue in greek until tomorrow, so i better get on that now before i fall asleep on this poor keyboard.

tomorrow is a big day,
i am so excited!


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