july 16 - jovana transfail

finally in europe. per usual, there's no such thing as "convenient" travelling for me. either it's on me where i forget crucial documents, oversleep, bring too much stuff or just fall over my self while entering the airport. or, it's on the airline: the flight is delayed, breaks down, the luggage is delayed or someone misses the flight so they have to unpack the entire thing to find their specific bags.
now, this time: i forgot my swedish sim-card, while united airlines was 2 hours delayed because someone who had checked their luggage missed the boarding. following the trend of this trip, the luggage was delayed as well, leaving "little" me with an expired expensive train ticket and with one option: to wait for the next train and amuse myself in the country of porridge-speak, denmark, for three hours.
obviously, my first instinct is to blog. at least it used to be, now it's just a time-wasting tool.
travelling has to be one of the most life-appreciating experiences in life. that's all i have to say. so many people are as bitter as lime walking between the aisles, instead of being appreciative and happy that they even have the means and possibility to travel. i also looove speaking english and listening to people speak about me in swedish and, when they least expect it, carry on the conversation in swedish, to see their shocked facial expressions. it's in moments like these that being trilingual rockz.
ok, i'm done babbling. talk to you on the other side. 
t-2 hours until my train leaves.
if you think i look this fresh right now,
you have no idea.

july 4 - independent drinkers day


it's late night in new york and i don't think i've ever wished for rain as much as i do now. this i say while i try killing a bug on my keyboard, as i'm typing. great success? side note: i think i should marry borat.

anyways, my first fourth of july in the us in four years and you know what that means, because i sure as hell don't. starting the day off with a well-needed powerwalk/run around the reservoir. this girl has got a wedding to attend (actually, two).

lindi and i are having a blast though, nyc in summertime is amazingly (sticky) fun! time for me to work, shower and mentally prepare for all that fourth of july is.


you have
no idea

june 9 - adventures in converses


last night after having meetings and working, my boss and i went to dinner, then headed down to check out the karaoke meet-up my other boss organizes, before leaving for the hog pit to watch the heat-celtics game. tomorrow is game 7, excited!

anyways, after drinking beer (!) and showing the guys my excellent upside-down dart skills (ended up on a pole about a foot from the board), we headed to wip to celebrate the victory of the heat. running around, dancing, being surrounded by fun people, and drinking vodkas in converses seem to have had a great influence on me as i woke up this morning content and laughing out loud at last nights' bravades.

today was spent with my faves eating, napping, chilling, talking, working, and having shabbat.
time for me to sleep and finish and submit this strategy tomorrow morning after going on a run or something similar to it.

hope you're all well.


we are yooouuung!

june 1 - svar på tal


idag ramlade en liten fråga in på bloggen här och jag tänkte att jag lite snabbt skulle ta och svara på den!

Postat av:
Hur fixade du boende när du flyttade till LA?

när jag flyttade till LA hade jag ingen aning om någonting och kände dessutom inte en levande själ i staden. därför valde jag att bo i ett studentboende relativt nära campus som var fööör dyrt, men värt det eftersom jag annars hade fått fara och flänga runt min första vecka på campus.

för att undvika de dyra priserna, skulle jag föreslå att du (om du ska gå på college) kollar igenom skolans resurser. alternativt, bo på ett hostel i några dagar och leta runt, träffa människor på campus, fråga och kolla med skolans internationella kontor.

skriv på om ni undrar mer! nu måste jag gå och köpa lite frukt - magen mår bra efter fyra dagars träning :)


june 1 - hipsterness


just finished working with a glass of wine in hand, playing medina's "you and i" on repeat.
last night, i went to dinner with A and A (no pun intended). then came the best description of my style and personality i've ever heard:

"jovana is like the least hipster hipster i've ever known"

i love crochet, long dresses, and braids. but that doesn't mean i'll ever walk around soho wearing non-prescription clear glasses or like yoga. sorry guys.

time to throw myself on the bed before i fall asleep on this wooden, uncomfortable chair.
starting the day with a walk and coffee with my favorite hellenoamerikanida, despi :)


freckles are out,
let's have a party?

may 29 - uhlalalaa!

april 9 - squeeeze ME


whoa. i'm like a non-blogger right now. but you know, it's ok. what i'm dealing with right now miight be a little bit more important: graduation, brand launch, immigration-papers, studying, working, enjoying my last weeks as a student, and planning this summer.

i hope you understand why i haven't been that active. but there are some exciting news you can look forward to. i'm going to keep this blog, but it will be in swedish and personal - only. need to keep my fabulous parents updated back home. then.. oh well, then.. you'll know about then ;) let's just leave it at that.
time for me to get my xl-butt to bank of america and discuss financial questions. read: go get a money order for the US government.

hope you're all well.

thank you

march 15 - quickie


sandypants is taking a nap and i've been working all day. i think i'm gonna go for a little walk later although we went out running this morning. the week has been great altogether, can't believe i've almost been here for a full week though? how crazy is that? tonight we're going to roma again with kaca and aleks to chill, drink and just talk. i love roma, so cozy, feels like i'm on a "real" vacation. i'm saying real because i've been working half days since i came here, no time to sleep again. i mean, i got myself into all of this and i love it, it's just that it is my last semester and thus far, it's felt like i skipped being a second-semester senior and just went straight to being a working adult. oh well, hopefully it pays off!

anyways, not in the mood to write plus i've got a beast to tame and somet nutella to buy, so here are two pics instead :)

ase me
ase me

march 3 - now for the fun


so.. the beast is revived - i'm not. although my wardrobe and nailpolish got one and two additions, respectively, today. went shopping with anna and got to style her a little. i love working with people i love that have amazing bodies and personalities but just need a little extra push to feel like the real women they are.

i'm sitting here in my new velvet shorts after a day of working out, shopping and working/studying. waiting for klara to call me and tell me she's done being late so i can head down to merchants yet again :) ready for some relaxation.

tomorrow's schedule: skype with olja, coffee with kel, pilates, work and studying.
stay dry peeps,

buttons are busted,
we're decorated

february 17 - all day, all night


been working all day and now i need to get ready and get my ass to anna's for bday round 2. stay tuned tonight's update featuring all about butts, the box vip, pink drinks, gays and sweet sixteens.



february 16 - let's play the blame game

february 3 - tgif TGIF!


somehow, katy Perry's song is stuck i and i keep repeating the ridiculous video in my head.

today is officially the last day of classes for the week, but also the start of mayhem. my birthday weekend takes an official start tomorrow. i'm cooking for the girls on saturday before we head to stash in the meatpacking district. sunday means pilates and then it's either a superbowl party or 1oak. haha, imagine me if we go to a superbowl party - i'm gonna harass some poor football fanatic with a hundred questions that, to an american, are as common knowledge.

but, i have a huge problem - i have nooo clue where my straightening iron is. it's just gone, poof. well, time to get ready for my senior media seminar and after that, the gym - workout #3 this week, 4 since start!

i will be cleaning all day, do not disturb.

the beast

january 27 - ready, set, girls night!


finished greek, some work and the snack-shopping for tonight. now, el and i are sitting here waiting for kelly + 2 friends, jess and kayla :) girls night extraordinaire.

everything is going amazingly well right now. it feels like there's nothing going my way. i had my senior media seminar today with a professor that had made a masters student come into class and start a very strict lecture and provide us with even stricter guidelines. when the masters stuent said: "any questions?" our real professor raised his hand and responded: "yeah, who the fuck are you?" hahahahaha :) best "prof-prank" ever and a very good introduction to our topic: "faking it: cheats, hacks, hoaxes, and other untruths in new media."

kay kom precis in!


au revoir!

january 23 - j&j time


in new york it rains. in new york it rains. A LOT. jesus christ, when i got to jess today, i looked worse than a drenched cocker spaniel. uhm, winning?

good day today. woke up and did a little home-workout to not feel guilty for being too lazy to go to the gym. when did i get so anti-working-out?

caught up with some work and academic stuff, such as emailing about graduation-tickets etc. met up with kelly for a quick coffee, which obviously ended with me hitting my head against a metal, reaaaally heavy, lamp..

anyways, got to jess' around 5:30pm and we immediately started watching the descendants. anyone seen it? it was a very sad movie and i can see why mr. clooney won an oscar for this one. i cannot, on the other hand, see why everyone loves this movie. i mean, yes, it's sad, but it's sooooo slow?! after the movie, we made ourselves some serbian soup and enjoyed our beloved gossip girl, which is currently making the dramameter explode!

tomorrow is my first day of my last day as an undergraduate. excite or freak out? a little bit of both.
greek, meeting, law&society and gym or dinner on the schedule tomorrow. stay tuned..

interesting facts:
- took my rainboots public-virginity today
- a ghost is working my phone
- i think i'm jetlagged

it's raining men?
hmm.. i think we can call it a natural disaster

january 23 - new york day :)


i got a really late start to my first official day back. no anxiety about it though - i had my reasons that justified the sleeping (do you really have to have reasons for that though? jeez).

jess came over, i got ready fast and we headed downtown for brunch. ended up at blue ribbon sushi (love), where jess got the perfect idea that today was the day she was going to betray the world of bbms and turn to the wiber-world. after a little while at verizon, i left the store with a child called jess - she was soooo excited for her new iphone and was playing around with it as i was navigating us around times square to get socks, shampoo + conditioner, nailpolish remover and other superfun stuff.. haha. we ended up at her place where we chilled and i dealt with phone stuff. time to get a new one - my "a" button doesn't work and i keep losing people mid-phonecall..

maria called and we headed to her fresh soho-apt for chinese take-out, assembling ikea furniture, chocolate and the kardashians. after getting back home around midnight, i caught up with a friend that just started taking classes at columbia, worked a little and now it's time for bed.

perfect first day back and what a new york day: uptown-midtown-downtown :)
ohyeah, i finally got a haircut before i left sweden.

jess with her new hubby

bices moj,

december 11 - church


yesterday, jess and i met at starbucks, studied, played judges for her families annual gingerbread house competition, i texted with my sister and held the tears in. we then went to burger king and went our separate ways. i couldn't fall asleep until 4:30 last night. i ended up watching 6 episodes of gossip girl after finishing the studies allotted for the day. was i nervous for today maybe?

my bestest jess and i went to the serbian orthodox church today. i needed some kind of homey feeling, a feeling of being close to my family although i'm very far away. we walked in and after lighting candles for the dead and alive, we listened in on the service that suitably was about death. it was comforting and depressing at the same time. i laughed and then i cried among the furs, judgy, but loving serbs.

after a pitstop at jess's for mac and cheese, i decided to walk the 70 blocks that separate us. it felt great. relieving, relaxing, and processing. a lot has gone down this semester, in four days, this too shall pass.

time for studying, read seven chapters yesterday, four remaining.


when your heart beats,
it sings to me

December 10 - goodbye deda


as europe awakes, eastern america falls asleep.
you say your last goodbyes to deda, i greet him in my prayers.
i'm more than grateful for every second of fighting and laughing with my grandfather.
having him in my life has been a true blessing, one that i wouldn't change for the world.

sleep tight my hero.
dobrivoje stamenkovic

the following was written by me for his memorial:
(in serbian for you google translators)

"Мој деда, моја цигара, моје лесковачко бабурче, а пре свега - мој најбољи друг:

Најбоље сам знала да се свађам с тобом, али се никад нисам свађала од мржње, већ из љубави. Ово лето сам те замолила да ми обећаваш да ћеш живети до моје свадбе, а та свадба бих била за једно 16 год. Ниси могао то да издржиш, превише си патио, али нисам љута. Смејала сам се с тобом ово лето, али ме је срце болело док сам те гледала с тим штакама. Знај, деда, да неће проћи дан кад не мислим о теби, кад се не смејем јер си ми увек причао како се не смем удати док не научим да кувам, перем, и пеглам. Заувек ћеш живети у срцу мом, и увек ћеш бити уз мене, натераћу те чак и кад си заузет са другим анђелима. Они су срећни што те имају. Мада сам Богу љута што те је узео прерано, молим му се да ти никад не даје косилицу да направиш ”џумбус” у рају, као што би ти рекао. Пре свега сам му доживотно захвална јер ми је најбољег деду поклонио. Не могу бити присутна кад те сви одпрате, алу ћу бити ту свим срцем. Хвала што си био најбољи деда, што сам се могла с тобом смејати, зезати и свађати. Хвала што си ти био ти и мене научио како ја да будем ја.

Волим те пуно цигаро моја, немој никад то заборавити.

Лепо спавај, па ми се јави кад можеш.
/Твоја тврдоглава и луда унука Јока"

uzivaj majstore
s andjelima,
volim te

november 28 - sun is up?


oh, it's completely normal to wake up by yourself at 5am? ehm, NO.

i went to bed around 11:30pm last night, but 5am - really??! this just proves to you what a bad sleeper i am. after trying to fall asleep for half an hour, i gave up. now i'm up and thinking of finishing my marketing part and editing my paper until my meeting at ten. better freshen up until then - you could think a zombie is my parent at this particular moment.

time for some coffee and google!

we've got
the love

november 24 - happy thanksgiving!


i'll let my clothes speak for my mood today. time to head over to my favorite jews for some non-traditional thanksgiving cuisine. be thankful! and show it - not only today - every day.

pijana ti dusu

november 22 - i'm ms. lonely?


got an interesting comment yesterday about my relationship to men - do they exist? if so, why don't i mention them? curios?

i'll give you the 411 on my lovelife later today. until then, feel free to ask any question you may have below!


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