february 19 - ladies night!


this is what my little living room looks like right now :) I made a quinoa thing mixed with veggies, a side of fried spinach and chicken with that :) sugar dessert and now we're having some tea and chilling with music!

big loove

september 3 - brilliant idea!


sooo, I don't know who told us that ikea+saturday was a great idea.. we just had to witness two ferries pass due to the humongous line.. I hope we're gonna get on the next one, but it stands to ask how crowded ikea is going to be? anyways, we're gonna get our meatballs ;)

talk to you later!

roomies waiting in line

may 16 - back from rehab


I had alone time with the two wonderful ladies below, another beautiful woman and her husband. jovs' aunt kindly let me partake in their family time in their gorgeous house in stamford, ct. fortunately, I didn't have any service or any need for facebook during those two days and it felt great! thank you jov and the wonderful family kristo. their little one actually liked me, which makes her the first two-year-old that has ever, even remotelty, liked me :P

we're currently on the train, I'm returning to my natural habitat, that is the concrete jungle, and it feels perfect :) a run to zara with jov, coffee, sad goodbye and then gymming my ass off - that's whatsup!

I'll write you later, hope you have a great day!

karma karma karma karma

may 10 - insomnia inc


"you should not be awake right now" - elanor "head hbic" drake

word. I don't know what's wrong with me. I am not really nervous about the interview, since gucci has always been one of my favorite luxury brands. But also since I, in my insomniac state of mind, just spent two hours lurking their website. If anyone has suggestions on how to fall asleep, I am more than receptive to them - as long as you don't tell me to do something zen, because that's just not gonna happen. If I were ever to pick between yoga and boxing/kickboxing, the latter would most definitely be my choice!

ok, I'm gonna say goodbye to eleanor and try and go to bed.

may 4 - think tanks


there's something beautiful about NYC subways. they're an inevitable part of every new yorkers life, unless you can boss around your own driver that is. personally, they inspire me to enjoy me. simply me and my culturally diverse ipod in one universe that no one can ever reach. just me and my music.

they let me think without acknowledging all opinions and thoughts of surrounding people. they let me be myself and smile my silly smile to everyone on the subway without asking why i am smiling or why i am not. they let me delve deeper and be more content than i can ever be with any person in the world. just me and my music.

they give me an outlet to be human and breathe, to relax my overly tense shoulders and freak out about my own future, internally. subways are my ideal think tanks, requiring nothing but me and my music.

the think tanks tell me that i am happy,
not because i am trying to repress my "depression" or anything of the like,
but because today on the subway, i realized that is what i am.
i am a happy bitch.

april 28 - oh jeez


upon finishing my presentation at 5am last night, i was definitely ready to present and content with my accomplishment. that doesn't really help when my body isn't. didn't even hear my alarm this morning, slept through my presentation and woke up frantic and ready to blow up the world (and that's an understatement).

On another note, I had a great informational interview with one of the mentors, who told me that if i needed any help, she would be glad to help. so, that was amazing. els is rescheduing her flight and I'm starring at the starbucks coffee sign seen below. next week we're volunteering at the strawberry festival at nyu, now we're heading to a "real talk" photo exhibition and tomorrow it's time for the spanish placement test.

time to go, have a good day everyone :)

coco jambo

april 28 - bobstbobstBOOB


regardless of all of our wardrobe malfunctions today (anna with her own version of the flowy marilyn monroe dress, dennis with his hair everywhere but in his nyu baseball cap, kayla with too many C's in her hands at once, and me with my own close-to-janet-jackson situation), we had a very productive bobst-day. we were literally in there for about six hours straight and yet, i am still working on this fucking paper. i've just had it. it's enough.

time to create the powerpoint, take a nap, get up, present, come back home and crash.
tomorrow is an eventful day, so i'll keep you posted.

got all the classes i wanted, spanish placement test on friday.

oh, and by the way,
i got another A today.
feels good,

seeeee yuuuh

april 19 - fba fashion show


waiting for the fashion show with ms. drizzaaake, so thought i'd show you our extremely colorful outfits ;)
i hope all of you have a great tuesday evening! xo


march 29 - live from the late show


waiting for snoop with some drunkass girls "shaking" their non-existent bootys..
snoop - come out come out wherever you are? ;) woff.

drop it like its hot!

march 12 - haalivuud


breakfast at cpk at 1pm, watched the last kiss, gym for two hours, quick shower, red bull run to ralphs and now ms. schumaher, as seen in the pic below is taking us to annas where we are party rocking baby!
colony re-run tonight, meeting our fave promoters and I can't wait to have a perfect night with my perfect ladies.

the outfit is yet to be chosen.

march 2 - titanic.jov


wadup wadup?
three minutes to class. 8 hours of sleep in three days, fueling on a diet of coffee, coffee, and coffee.
later, it's time for me to get my butt to the gym for the first time in seven months. wish me luck. or no, actually wish me non-distruction :)

now, time for some political propaganda.
stay tuned for the update on the condition of my muscles tonight.


7 december - cursed


for ungefar en manad sen nar bade kellys och sophias datorer crasha, sa jag bestamt: "haha, watch it happen to me during finals week! haha". skrattar bast som skrattar sist sager jag bara. idag satte jag mig i biblioteket mer peppad an nagonsin, ungefar, och skulle borja skriva minn uppsats. "system boot failed" - peeerfekt! sjalvklart tar inte nyu's data studenter vaios, best buy fick det bli. tack gode gud for mina dokument raddades, men inte min perla :( fan.. den dar datorn har varit med fran borjan av mitt usa liv. och annu mer utgifter ar ju alltid bra, javla helvetes fan fitt tur jag har (var tvungen...).

meen.. sen kommer anledningen till varfor jag ar varldens tacksammaste tjej - min mam och min paps. tack for att ni alltid raddar mig och jag menar mentalt. tack mam for att du forsoker ge forslag som "ga inte till ngn iranier nu som forstor din dator" och pappa, tack for att du alltid far mig att skratta genom att foresla en "rostfri dator som bara en rysk pansarvagn kan ta sonder." forlat for jag alltid lyckas med sant har, fattar inte. men en sak fattar jag - att jag alskar er och sandra mer an nagot annat!

nepp, nu vart det lite for emotional har, tillbaka till SKRIVANDET.

the rest is still

19 november - hett med fett


just nu jobbar jag for fulla bullar pa min andra blogg, amnet ar kroppar och naturlighet (vad det ordet nu an betyder...) jag postar sa fort jag ar klar sa ni far lasa.

ironisk nog hittade jag en flaska "skinny water: crave control" pa duane reade, kopte den bara for att smaka. den smakade gott sa klart, men nagon crave control vart det inte nej - da jag slaktade en pase med trailmix direkt efter :) haha.

nu ar det dags att fortsatta lasa!

14 november - inte nu!


kur. kurera. kurering.
aaaah, jag kan inte bli sjuk nu. har redan tryckt i mig två apelsiner, tre flaskor vatten och jobbar på min andra kopp te. verkar dock inte som att mina hemkurer är lika bra som jess.. jessili vart är du?

just nu på mitt skrivbord. och en bok såklart - hidden persuaders.
hörs imorgon,

13 november - från python till barnnamn


ibland går ju inte pluggkvällarna som man vill riktigt. jag och kelly bestämde oss för att åka till anna för att avnjuta en god tofu-quinoa-grekisk-sallad middag och därefter plugga.

plugget gick från python till vad vi ska döpa våra barn till. intressant att vi faktiskt är heelt säkra på att vi kommer få barn i framtiden. jag antar att det är vad alla kvinnor ska vilja? nu väntar vi i alla fall på tunnelbanan som aldrig kommer..

för tunnelbanan är den mest positiva platsen
i världen!

nije od

4 november - neeeerdz


just nu: ensamma i klassrummet, en kvart for tidiga, annars ar vi alltid sena. tror vara professorer kommer vara stolta :)

for att inte lata for duktig, glomde jag mitt id som kravs for att komma in i varje byggnad..
sounds more like me right?

29 oktober - forfest


och vi ska feeeeesta :D euro trash in new york - svetlana, amelie, francesca, maria och victoria - watch out :D

och ni ska fa mer bilder, men nu mojitos och garv :D

27 oktober - mobilblogg: allnighter #53206


imorgon har jag exam i min media criticism klass. sahar ser min notebook ut just nu, maste till och med paminna mig sjalv om mina "human needs" som ni ser, jealous? haha..

ska sova i tva timmar nu och sen satter jag igang. imorgon belonar jag mig sjalv med brasiliero och kmart-halloween shopping!

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