november 19 - give gave given


sorry i've been absent peeps - there's just been way too much going on. as you know, i'm working on a marketing-project, as a pr-assistent and now also as a social media coordinator AND i'm taking five classes.

my last semester's schedule is also set up:
senior media seminar: latinas/os in the media (can't remember the exact title)
law & society
elementary greek II
modern greece and the balkans (didn't want to take this at all...)

time-wise, the schedule is going to be a bit ridiculous. i start at around 5pm on mondays and end at 7:25pm, tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays start with greek and then i have law and society either on tuesday or thursday and then law and society on one of the two. i know, i'm confused. it's also 3am, so don't judge.

anyways, there's not much to write - i'm alive.
let me show you my outfit-poses in photobooth:

exhibit a: the dancing chic

exhibit b: superwoman

exhibit c: ehm, can i like get an A+ in style?

exhibit d: O-EM-GEE, i can't believe i'm featured on a blog!

exhibit e: wait, cut - do i have lipstick on my teeth?

la belle personne
ne veut pas aimer

november 11 - contest/tävling!


all this hype is going on about it being 11/11/11, but as the girl that believes in (un)lucky number 13, i'm not even going to start discussing the silliness of it.

today was also a very productive day. i've literally been sitting on the couch from 2pm-9pm doing work, taking a break for dinner, a show and chatting with my dad, and then back into it from 11:30pm-now. woot: home-workout, one chapter of marketing, two of indigenous australia, one pitch written, four pitches sent out, delegated tasks to my fellow interns, contacted four different travelling agencies, researched, been in contact with usc's fashion industry association, had a phone-meeting with my boss, managed the social media on hootsuite, all this while bbming, texting, reading the news, and planning the weekend. ah, i love days like this :D

but, here comes the real reason for my blogging: saint tropez jönköping is hosting a contest! the grand prize? a giftcard worth 500kr on anything in the store! to participate, one needs to take pictures of a favorite outfit, including at least two pieces of clothing/accessories from the boutique. here's my contribution:

i am wearing:
studded jeans vest - miss sixty
gray knit tunic - saint tropez
underdress with lace lining - saint tropez
leather belt - saint tropez jönköping
tights - h&m
glasses - efva attling

no need to be serious, just have fun with it! i mean, you can get 500kr without doing anything dangerous - why not? like the page for more info! speaking of being "super-serious," this is how i feel about myself tonight after accomplishing all i have today:

in the jungle, the mighty jungle,
jovana sleeps toniiiiight!

august 26 - Jofama by Kenza Now in Store!


i am happy to inform you that the fabulous leather-creations have now been delivered and can be found at Saint Tropez Jönköping on Smedjegatan 9, in Jönköping. you're very welcome to come visit us, try and buy :)

and, it's friday. which means that i'm leaving in exactly one week.
this summer was fast five part II - weird feeling.

ohwell, gotta go get ready.
hope everyone is great,

get it,
before someone else does!

may 1 - happy mayday


sipping on my coffee (per usual), struggling against the impossible - i.e. finding a well-priced apartment in NYC for next semester. skyped with my parents, aunt and uncle this morning. their mere skype-aura carries striking enthusiasm and is very motivating at that.

i cannot believe that i woke up at nine this morning, on my own! something revolutionary is happening in this body of mine and i would give my left hand to know wtf it is. haha.
on another note, the winners of best fall/winter collections '11-12 are:

  • Balmain, for their amazing use of fabric and combining it in the most interesting, yet perfect ways (and for keeping rocknroll trendy)

false;" href="">

  • The king's new queen - Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen for her amazing use of fur in ways never before imagined, for creating a collection like no other and for defining the ace in "lace"

oh, snap! i just got another A :D
20 days.

april 14 - inspiring evening


currently, i am sipping on my black tea and thinking about the amount of impressions i have taken in today.
pr, marketing and advertising professionals, all wasserman at the center for career development at NYU. interestingly enough, the most inspiring company i found has three offices in sweden and one in serbia - my globetrotter career might actually be possible :)

i e-mailed the woman representing the company at the roundtable. now, all i have to do is wait and hopefully she will get back to me agreeing to an informational interview. that would be the ultimate scenario.
while i was at it (career-wise), i figured "why not create a LinkedIn account?" so, i did - as easy as abc and as useful as 123.

it has been nice catching up - time for me to do some work before getting under my four covers and getting a good night's sleep.

it's all about
the details

april 13 - nikola jovanović


as i am enjoying my third coffee of the day, i cannot get over the beauty of the male model ranked #5 in the world by - nikola jovanović. born in 1989 in belgrade, the youngster has conquered the fashion realm working on campaigns for gianfranco ferré, cavalli and most recently gucci spring/summer 2011.

with his sharp jaw, blue eyes, big lips and light brown perfect hair (and perfect eyebrows), there's no wonder the big fashion houses are hiring him. i am slightly concerned that he hasn't got a thing for women though, and his stick-like figure just wouldn't work (speculation emphasized). enough of me blabbering about my slight obsession. see for yourselves :)

dobro se

march 26 - textile statements


study break: 50 pages down, 50 to go.
last night i pulled an "i'm married!" guess if it worked? nope.
brainiac here put the ring on the wrong finger.

"married? wrong hand girl, don't even try"
that's how much i know about marriage customs.
oh, at least we got a good laugh.
a very good laugh. in quartet.

back to studying!

you'll never get to love me

february 28 - let's fly


pretty funny that i miss blogging after one single day of not doing it?

nonetheless, yesterday wasn't really a day for me, as i spent most of it in bed cursing at everything beginning with tequila and ending with vodka. i might like to drink when i go out but i hate mixing and when i do, the day after is always hotter than hell.

after deciding on best/worst dressed from the oscars, i ended up writing a little on my paper - at 2am..
best dressed was beautiful mila kunis in her equally beautiful elie saab with lace inserts.
best dressed couple camila alves and matt (their black might be boring, but they def did pull it off),
classiest of the night goes to the woman that always knows how to be classy and fabulous, celine dion.
worst dressed was nicole kidman in her rug-like dior,
and anne hathaway should never go back to the person styling her for the oscars.

the following seven dresses
didn't help the youngest Oscar hostess make a statement

pics: NY Daily News

good morning
good morning!

february 25 - BREAKfast


early one, huh?

taking a break from theories and theoreticians to enjoy a bowl of multigrain and bananas covered in cinnamon.
coffee cup number 2 awaits in front of me, while ne-yo's vocals compose this morning's sound.
perfect rainy day morning after 11 hours of well-needed sleep.

time for me to get back to work and you to enjoy gucci's amazing fall 2011 collection.
turquoise, yellow, red and purple. pantsuits meet furs and flowers in creating perfection.

vegeterians, vegans and animal rights' activists - do not watch.

the way you stare,
as if you see right through to my soul

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