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wow, i really wanna get out of new york for a while. i really need it. haven't felt this misplaced for a while. i guess it's because of the anxiety of my future. since i've been sick for the past two days, it gives me time to think and we all know that i can't think without overthinking. so sick of worrying for my future, where i'm gonna be, who and what i'm gonna be. time for a break and that break will do me good. LA in two days.

i just booked my supershuttle van that's gonna come pick me up at 6am on friday and a waxing appointment for the day before so i don't have to think about anything except working, breathing and hanging out with my sis. i am so incredibly over school that it's not even funny. i know, i only have two month left, thank god. but right now, i just want to be done. sick of reading about things that i'm never gonna be able to apply to my career or, to my life-experience or anything that will be part of my post-college life.

don't get me wrong, i'm so lucky to go to nyu and be in new york. but right now, nyu is killing my love for nyc and that's why this break is more than needed.

time to write a paper on the ottoman empire refugees in greece and go to bed.

Postat av: pappa


2012-03-07 @ 13:44:54

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