march 5 - which way is right, which way is wrong?


wow. yesterday was.. FUN. i can sum up my day in one photo:

after waking up at 4pm, missing all my social dates, and listening to my parents laugh at how hung over i was, i worked a little and then i went to bed around 1:30am. really great and productive day. ohyes, it was. nonetheless, the day before that rocked my socks hard core. what was supposed to be a wine-night turned into a rough party-night. can't believe my strategy of wearing flat boots to not go out didn't work....

today, i slept in a little, had a meeting with danna at 9am, skyped with olja, and have been working on various things since. my stomach is still not doing well. i hope i'm not getting sick.. LA in four days - can't wait to just feel some warmth and take care of myself a little (and bore my sister :)). but first, midterms and press week!

i wish you all a great week - happy monday!

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