march 3 - now for the fun


so.. the beast is revived - i'm not. although my wardrobe and nailpolish got one and two additions, respectively, today. went shopping with anna and got to style her a little. i love working with people i love that have amazing bodies and personalities but just need a little extra push to feel like the real women they are.

i'm sitting here in my new velvet shorts after a day of working out, shopping and working/studying. waiting for klara to call me and tell me she's done being late so i can head down to merchants yet again :) ready for some relaxation.

tomorrow's schedule: skype with olja, coffee with kel, pilates, work and studying.
stay dry peeps,

buttons are busted,
we're decorated

Postat av: pappa

moje okce!

2012-03-04 @ 16:03:58
Postat av: mam

they way you chose from the bottom of your hart is right way,,,,love ya

2012-03-06 @ 20:58:48

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