march 15 - quickie


sandypants is taking a nap and i've been working all day. i think i'm gonna go for a little walk later although we went out running this morning. the week has been great altogether, can't believe i've almost been here for a full week though? how crazy is that? tonight we're going to roma again with kaca and aleks to chill, drink and just talk. i love roma, so cozy, feels like i'm on a "real" vacation. i'm saying real because i've been working half days since i came here, no time to sleep again. i mean, i got myself into all of this and i love it, it's just that it is my last semester and thus far, it's felt like i skipped being a second-semester senior and just went straight to being a working adult. oh well, hopefully it pays off!

anyways, not in the mood to write plus i've got a beast to tame and somet nutella to buy, so here are two pics instead :)

ase me
ase me

Postat av: pappa

Pappas hårt arbetande flickor.

2012-03-16 @ 08:49:50
Postat av: mama

Så är livet fullt ös men du trivs med det din lilla bitch,) PUSS

2012-03-16 @ 14:24:27

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