march 15 - quickie


sandypants is taking a nap and i've been working all day. i think i'm gonna go for a little walk later although we went out running this morning. the week has been great altogether, can't believe i've almost been here for a full week though? how crazy is that? tonight we're going to roma again with kaca and aleks to chill, drink and just talk. i love roma, so cozy, feels like i'm on a "real" vacation. i'm saying real because i've been working half days since i came here, no time to sleep again. i mean, i got myself into all of this and i love it, it's just that it is my last semester and thus far, it's felt like i skipped being a second-semester senior and just went straight to being a working adult. oh well, hopefully it pays off!

anyways, not in the mood to write plus i've got a beast to tame and somet nutella to buy, so here are two pics instead :)

ase me
ase me

march 12 - iheart


just a little update since it's the end of my first weekend in LA. i'm so happy to see my sister and be around real college-kids that actually know how to relax. it's a good break from the i-have-fifteen-internship-never-sleep-to-be-the-best lifestyle that most NYU-kids lead. until now: hara twice, shopping, ucla-sightseeing, ucla pool, barney's beanery, groceries, long walk and just hanging out :) i love my sis and couldn't be happier to spend my spring break with her!

what she odaa?
fish filleet!

march 7 - η ζωή μου


wow, i really wanna get out of new york for a while. i really need it. haven't felt this misplaced for a while. i guess it's because of the anxiety of my future. since i've been sick for the past two days, it gives me time to think and we all know that i can't think without overthinking. so sick of worrying for my future, where i'm gonna be, who and what i'm gonna be. time for a break and that break will do me good. LA in two days.

i just booked my supershuttle van that's gonna come pick me up at 6am on friday and a waxing appointment for the day before so i don't have to think about anything except working, breathing and hanging out with my sis. i am so incredibly over school that it's not even funny. i know, i only have two month left, thank god. but right now, i just want to be done. sick of reading about things that i'm never gonna be able to apply to my career or, to my life-experience or anything that will be part of my post-college life.

don't get me wrong, i'm so lucky to go to nyu and be in new york. but right now, nyu is killing my love for nyc and that's why this break is more than needed.

time to write a paper on the ottoman empire refugees in greece and go to bed.

march 5 - which way is right, which way is wrong?


wow. yesterday was.. FUN. i can sum up my day in one photo:

after waking up at 4pm, missing all my social dates, and listening to my parents laugh at how hung over i was, i worked a little and then i went to bed around 1:30am. really great and productive day. ohyes, it was. nonetheless, the day before that rocked my socks hard core. what was supposed to be a wine-night turned into a rough party-night. can't believe my strategy of wearing flat boots to not go out didn't work....

today, i slept in a little, had a meeting with danna at 9am, skyped with olja, and have been working on various things since. my stomach is still not doing well. i hope i'm not getting sick.. LA in four days - can't wait to just feel some warmth and take care of myself a little (and bore my sister :)). but first, midterms and press week!

i wish you all a great week - happy monday!

home home

march 3 - now for the fun


so.. the beast is revived - i'm not. although my wardrobe and nailpolish got one and two additions, respectively, today. went shopping with anna and got to style her a little. i love working with people i love that have amazing bodies and personalities but just need a little extra push to feel like the real women they are.

i'm sitting here in my new velvet shorts after a day of working out, shopping and working/studying. waiting for klara to call me and tell me she's done being late so i can head down to merchants yet again :) ready for some relaxation.

tomorrow's schedule: skype with olja, coffee with kel, pilates, work and studying.
stay dry peeps,

buttons are busted,
we're decorated

march 1 - until the end of time


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