june 9 - adventures in converses


last night after having meetings and working, my boss and i went to dinner, then headed down to check out the karaoke meet-up my other boss organizes, before leaving for the hog pit to watch the heat-celtics game. tomorrow is game 7, excited!

anyways, after drinking beer (!) and showing the guys my excellent upside-down dart skills (ended up on a pole about a foot from the board), we headed to wip to celebrate the victory of the heat. running around, dancing, being surrounded by fun people, and drinking vodkas in converses seem to have had a great influence on me as i woke up this morning content and laughing out loud at last nights' bravades.

today was spent with my faves eating, napping, chilling, talking, working, and having shabbat.
time for me to sleep and finish and submit this strategy tomorrow morning after going on a run or something similar to it.

hope you're all well.


we are yooouuung!

Postat av: pappa

Pappas Hero, lyssna på ditt hjärta och gör det du tycker är viktigt för dig och din framtid, allt annat kommer då att vara fint också, livet är en kamp och du är född att vara vinnaren!

2012-06-11 @ 08:31:54

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