june 4 - this shit always gets me good


there's nothing like waking up in a queen-sized bed with the lazic sisters after a great night out, heading home, meeting up with el and anna, going for a great walk/run in central park followed by a great sushi lunch, skype with olja and jole :) and, the best part, new serbian music!

i can't explain it. there's no music in the world that makes me feel the way serbian music does. i don't know why or how - it's just the way it is. and btw, i'm really happy if you didn't pick up on that already. haha.

tomorrow is filled with meetings and other have-tos. tuesday, as well! i'm excited to start new projects and begin this new week with a walk in the park tomorrow! the wedding is in two months and a day, which means i have two months and a day to get in perf-shape. don't doubt myself though, pretty disciplined when i'm pressured. haha.

iiih, gonna start planning olja's bachelorette party very soon and i've finally ordered my dress for church - so puuurdy.
anyways, back to the music and the smiles.


hajde nosi sve,
hajde idi s mesta!

Postat av: pappa

Kul att läsa att du är på extremt bra humör.

2012-06-04 @ 08:09:13

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