july 4 - independent drinkers day


it's late night in new york and i don't think i've ever wished for rain as much as i do now. this i say while i try killing a bug on my keyboard, as i'm typing. great success? side note: i think i should marry borat.

anyways, my first fourth of july in the us in four years and you know what that means, because i sure as hell don't. starting the day off with a well-needed powerwalk/run around the reservoir. this girl has got a wedding to attend (actually, two).

lindi and i are having a blast though, nyc in summertime is amazingly (sticky) fun! time for me to work, shower and mentally prepare for all that fourth of july is.


you have
no idea

Postat av: pappa

Lungt med festande där, den 7 juli är din slava "Ivanjdan"!

2012-07-04 @ 08:20:16

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