july 16 - jovana transfail

finally in europe. per usual, there's no such thing as "convenient" travelling for me. either it's on me where i forget crucial documents, oversleep, bring too much stuff or just fall over my self while entering the airport. or, it's on the airline: the flight is delayed, breaks down, the luggage is delayed or someone misses the flight so they have to unpack the entire thing to find their specific bags.
now, this time: i forgot my swedish sim-card, while united airlines was 2 hours delayed because someone who had checked their luggage missed the boarding. following the trend of this trip, the luggage was delayed as well, leaving "little" me with an expired expensive train ticket and with one option: to wait for the next train and amuse myself in the country of porridge-speak, denmark, for three hours.
obviously, my first instinct is to blog. at least it used to be, now it's just a time-wasting tool.
travelling has to be one of the most life-appreciating experiences in life. that's all i have to say. so many people are as bitter as lime walking between the aisles, instead of being appreciative and happy that they even have the means and possibility to travel. i also looove speaking english and listening to people speak about me in swedish and, when they least expect it, carry on the conversation in swedish, to see their shocked facial expressions. it's in moments like these that being trilingual rockz.
ok, i'm done babbling. talk to you on the other side. 
t-2 hours until my train leaves.
if you think i look this fresh right now,
you have no idea.


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