january 29 - liar liar, pants on fire


so girls night kinda went crazy when we decided to go out. we ended up at SL, where a gay guy told me he had checked me out because i was "totally adorbz" and went on doublefisting to light my cigarette. otherwise, it was a very turbulent night, which thankfully turned out to be great :) i think we headed home around 3:30 or 4:00 after chatting with a guy that works for the awesome saturdays surf nyc.

four hours later, i woke up for a massage that the girls got me for my birthday (almost a year ago). it was painful, but good. i hate the feeling after a massage though. it is as though you're walking on clouds or something, i can't really put it in words.. it's like not feeling the street you're walking on and just like in your own little box.
i tried studying a little bit and then it was time for round two (i'm getting too old for this). and if i thought friday night was weird, i had noooo clue what was ahead of me on saturday. after two promoters started following me on twitter, i decided to contact them and see what was up. tenjune was an option, but the $20 cover was nothing we wanted to spend on a club that hasn't gotten the best reviews. haha, along we went across the street to a club that should be named "random." partying it up in there were people aged high school to grandma. so weird. we called it a night early.

woke up today, had pancakes while watching the euro-finale in handball between serbia and denmark. serbia lost, but the two other wins (djokovic and the waterpolo team) kinda made up for that loss :) good day for serbia. pilates was next on the schedule and it feels so good to feel alive again. thank you "muscles!"

ok, it's time for school and work.

Postat av: Mimmi

Hej Jovana! Jag heter Mimmi och pluggar high school i ny, är lite sugen på NYU och undrar om jag hade kunnat få din mail för lite frågor?



2012-01-31 @ 01:19:25

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