january 27 - ready, set, girls night!


finished greek, some work and the snack-shopping for tonight. now, el and i are sitting here waiting for kelly + 2 friends, jess and kayla :) girls night extraordinaire.

everything is going amazingly well right now. it feels like there's nothing going my way. i had my senior media seminar today with a professor that had made a masters student come into class and start a very strict lecture and provide us with even stricter guidelines. when the masters stuent said: "any questions?" our real professor raised his hand and responded: "yeah, who the fuck are you?" hahahahaha :) best "prof-prank" ever and a very good introduction to our topic: "faking it: cheats, hacks, hoaxes, and other untruths in new media."

kay kom precis in!


au revoir!


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