january 26 - scary meeting


sometimes things don't turn out the way you want them to, such was the case with today's meeting. luckily, i'm very good at taking criticism and quickly turn my disappointments into productivity. life isn't easy, but it definitely is what you make of it and today, i learned that the hard way. as a controll-freak and perfectionist, nothing is good unless proven so. in other words, don't think i got fired or am on the way to be, but negative feedback always hits the hardest and makes me learn a lesson or fifteen. as the PR-saying goes: "the client is always right, even when he's wrong."

greek class was much better today than yesterday - yesterday's review most certainly helped me regain some of my greek "skills." i also had a new class today: "modern greek history," more interesting than i thought since it's going to deal with the balkans as a whole and how that history has affected greece and what being greek means. the history discussed ranges from the enlightenment to today's "global financial crisis."

tomorrow is my senior media seminar, which i am really excited for. after that, it's meeting time again, but for a new position which i'm more than excited to start! the night will be spent with kayla, kelly, el, jess, adrienne and her friend. do i smell wine?

time for some greek essay-writing: τι κάνεις όλη την εβδομάδα;
ohyeah, there's a car parked outside our apartment with the license plate "jdollars."

fight eye.


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