january 26 - i'm engaged to be married


i haven't told you anything because i didn't know if it was gonna work out. but hey, a card-swipe later and me and my hubby are perfectly fine. meet mr. perfect:

no, it's not a joke. i'm engaged to this tool. how would i otherwise manage my days with about three jobs, projects, school and stay in touch with all my loved ones around the world? what real man could help me with that? haha :)

i have my first meeting with owen today, tomorrow with danna and i'm on a role. except from the fact that i don't remember any greek. i was devirginized in cluelessness in yesterday's greek class and it was horrible. she called on me, my brain went blank and i simply had to respond: "i'm sorry, i really don't remember anything." good feeling having a professor get disappointed in you......

time to get ready,

happily in


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