january 25 - game on, suckers


my last first day of school - how sick?

greek wasn't surprising at all. the group was the same as last semester. the more disturbing part, though, was how little greek i remember. disturbingly awkward. after sweating through that class, it was time for the first meeting of the semester and i have a lot of work to do - starting today: finalizing website, creating pitches, finding pr opportunities, connecting people, etc. but hey, i love it!

after the meeting i ran over to get my first well-needed cup of coffee of the day and continued to my law & society class. interesting crowd and interesting professor (sandypants, she's a criminologist, as is the TA, connect? :P). caught up with some work before meeting anna for the longest dinner we're probably gonna have for a while.

two sushi rolls and three glasses of plumb wine later, i came to my senses and headed to trader joe's with el. got all basic groceries i needed and went back home. until now, i've been working, watching shows and skyping.

since i'm incredibly jetlagged, i think it's about time i go to bed and focus on tomorrow.
might be time for the gym-debut? (haha, who am i kidding?)


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Produktiv som vanligt..

2012-01-25 @ 14:24:01

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