january 23 - new york day :)


i got a really late start to my first official day back. no anxiety about it though - i had my reasons that justified the sleeping (do you really have to have reasons for that though? jeez).

jess came over, i got ready fast and we headed downtown for brunch. ended up at blue ribbon sushi (love), where jess got the perfect idea that today was the day she was going to betray the world of bbms and turn to the wiber-world. after a little while at verizon, i left the store with a child called jess - she was soooo excited for her new iphone and was playing around with it as i was navigating us around times square to get socks, shampoo + conditioner, nailpolish remover and other superfun stuff.. haha. we ended up at her place where we chilled and i dealt with phone stuff. time to get a new one - my "a" button doesn't work and i keep losing people mid-phonecall..

maria called and we headed to her fresh soho-apt for chinese take-out, assembling ikea furniture, chocolate and the kardashians. after getting back home around midnight, i caught up with a friend that just started taking classes at columbia, worked a little and now it's time for bed.

perfect first day back and what a new york day: uptown-midtown-downtown :)
ohyeah, i finally got a haircut before i left sweden.

jess with her new hubby

bices moj,


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