january 23 - j&j time


in new york it rains. in new york it rains. A LOT. jesus christ, when i got to jess today, i looked worse than a drenched cocker spaniel. uhm, winning?

good day today. woke up and did a little home-workout to not feel guilty for being too lazy to go to the gym. when did i get so anti-working-out?

caught up with some work and academic stuff, such as emailing about graduation-tickets etc. met up with kelly for a quick coffee, which obviously ended with me hitting my head against a metal, reaaaally heavy, lamp..

anyways, got to jess' around 5:30pm and we immediately started watching the descendants. anyone seen it? it was a very sad movie and i can see why mr. clooney won an oscar for this one. i cannot, on the other hand, see why everyone loves this movie. i mean, yes, it's sad, but it's sooooo slow?! after the movie, we made ourselves some serbian soup and enjoyed our beloved gossip girl, which is currently making the dramameter explode!

tomorrow is my first day of my last day as an undergraduate. excite or freak out? a little bit of both.
greek, meeting, law&society and gym or dinner on the schedule tomorrow. stay tuned..

interesting facts:
- took my rainboots public-virginity today
- a ghost is working my phone
- i think i'm jetlagged

it's raining men?
hmm.. i think we can call it a natural disaster

Postat av: pappa

hehehehe...tatin smotanko!

2012-01-24 @ 07:59:00
Postat av: mama

tips från mamma:

pälsen ska du föna torr när den blivit blöt tänk på det

2012-01-24 @ 12:37:47

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