january 22 - new year


hey everyone - i'm back. decided not to blog during my vacay in order to spend time with my loved ones and not care about anything else. there's your explanation, nothing else - still not married, pregnant, a girlfriend, in jail, or a big shot.

there's got to be something with me + travelling. this morning i headed to the airport sleepless and semi-tired. after a 50min flight (in the wrong direction) to berlin, i decided to go straight to the security check to get that overwith. but oh no - after waiting an hour in line, i went through security and the gate-area was empty, except from a couple of benches and some pathetic corner they decided to name "duty free." after spending two hours there, i was kicked out because they had to clean the area?? met a swedish guy, with whom i then had coffee. around one it was time for the same procedure again, but this time i didn't get kicked out of the area. i jokingly said that the worst thing would be if they didn't have any tv-screens for the nine-hour-flight to come - JINX - they didn't... the food was disgusting as well. when we arrived to jfk i couldn't have been happier, until my luggage came rolling towards me. broken.

anyways, i'm here now. el and i went for dinner at hummus kitchen, went by h&m, duane reade and cvs for miscellaneous stuff. after our little adventure, i've unpacked, showered, watched a show and it is now time for me to say goodnight!

it's a new year with fresh days and perfect ways!

ljubav je to!

Postat av: pappa

Good luck Joka and welcome to the second home!

2012-01-23 @ 08:15:35

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