january 31 - linkedin linked?


comment response: hej mimmi! du kan kontakta mig på jo757@nyu.edu, men kolla gärna in min blogg på studyadvantage.se för mer info om skolan och hur allting funkar. om du inte får de svar du vill därifrån, är det självklart bara att maila så hjälper jag så gott jag kan!

when the joboffers you get don't even arrive via email, but via linkedin and other social media platforms, you know the world is officially hyperdigital.

today hasn't been as productive as i wanted it to be, but at least i finished one reading and did a lot of work! after doing that i took a little walk before taking the train to jess's, where we made incredible turkey wraps with avocado and cottage cheese :) yum!

tomorrow is gym day number two on the path to "my summer." but, before that, greek and law&society is on the schedule. then i'll have probably have to do some greek homework, work and prepare some PR suggestions for my meeting on wednesday! life's good.


sicko in belgrade
with my faves

january 29 - liar liar, pants on fire


so girls night kinda went crazy when we decided to go out. we ended up at SL, where a gay guy told me he had checked me out because i was "totally adorbz" and went on doublefisting to light my cigarette. otherwise, it was a very turbulent night, which thankfully turned out to be great :) i think we headed home around 3:30 or 4:00 after chatting with a guy that works for the awesome saturdays surf nyc.

four hours later, i woke up for a massage that the girls got me for my birthday (almost a year ago). it was painful, but good. i hate the feeling after a massage though. it is as though you're walking on clouds or something, i can't really put it in words.. it's like not feeling the street you're walking on and just like in your own little box.
i tried studying a little bit and then it was time for round two (i'm getting too old for this). and if i thought friday night was weird, i had noooo clue what was ahead of me on saturday. after two promoters started following me on twitter, i decided to contact them and see what was up. tenjune was an option, but the $20 cover was nothing we wanted to spend on a club that hasn't gotten the best reviews. haha, along we went across the street to a club that should be named "random." partying it up in there were people aged high school to grandma. so weird. we called it a night early.

woke up today, had pancakes while watching the euro-finale in handball between serbia and denmark. serbia lost, but the two other wins (djokovic and the waterpolo team) kinda made up for that loss :) good day for serbia. pilates was next on the schedule and it feels so good to feel alive again. thank you "muscles!"

ok, it's time for school and work.

january 27 - ready, set, girls night!


finished greek, some work and the snack-shopping for tonight. now, el and i are sitting here waiting for kelly + 2 friends, jess and kayla :) girls night extraordinaire.

everything is going amazingly well right now. it feels like there's nothing going my way. i had my senior media seminar today with a professor that had made a masters student come into class and start a very strict lecture and provide us with even stricter guidelines. when the masters stuent said: "any questions?" our real professor raised his hand and responded: "yeah, who the fuck are you?" hahahahaha :) best "prof-prank" ever and a very good introduction to our topic: "faking it: cheats, hacks, hoaxes, and other untruths in new media."

kay kom precis in!


au revoir!

january 26 - scary meeting


sometimes things don't turn out the way you want them to, such was the case with today's meeting. luckily, i'm very good at taking criticism and quickly turn my disappointments into productivity. life isn't easy, but it definitely is what you make of it and today, i learned that the hard way. as a controll-freak and perfectionist, nothing is good unless proven so. in other words, don't think i got fired or am on the way to be, but negative feedback always hits the hardest and makes me learn a lesson or fifteen. as the PR-saying goes: "the client is always right, even when he's wrong."

greek class was much better today than yesterday - yesterday's review most certainly helped me regain some of my greek "skills." i also had a new class today: "modern greek history," more interesting than i thought since it's going to deal with the balkans as a whole and how that history has affected greece and what being greek means. the history discussed ranges from the enlightenment to today's "global financial crisis."

tomorrow is my senior media seminar, which i am really excited for. after that, it's meeting time again, but for a new position which i'm more than excited to start! the night will be spent with kayla, kelly, el, jess, adrienne and her friend. do i smell wine?

time for some greek essay-writing: τι κάνεις όλη την εβδομάδα;
ohyeah, there's a car parked outside our apartment with the license plate "jdollars."

fight eye.

january 26 - i'm engaged to be married


i haven't told you anything because i didn't know if it was gonna work out. but hey, a card-swipe later and me and my hubby are perfectly fine. meet mr. perfect:

no, it's not a joke. i'm engaged to this tool. how would i otherwise manage my days with about three jobs, projects, school and stay in touch with all my loved ones around the world? what real man could help me with that? haha :)

i have my first meeting with owen today, tomorrow with danna and i'm on a role. except from the fact that i don't remember any greek. i was devirginized in cluelessness in yesterday's greek class and it was horrible. she called on me, my brain went blank and i simply had to respond: "i'm sorry, i really don't remember anything." good feeling having a professor get disappointed in you......

time to get ready,

happily in

january 25 - game on, suckers


my last first day of school - how sick?

greek wasn't surprising at all. the group was the same as last semester. the more disturbing part, though, was how little greek i remember. disturbingly awkward. after sweating through that class, it was time for the first meeting of the semester and i have a lot of work to do - starting today: finalizing website, creating pitches, finding pr opportunities, connecting people, etc. but hey, i love it!

after the meeting i ran over to get my first well-needed cup of coffee of the day and continued to my law & society class. interesting crowd and interesting professor (sandypants, she's a criminologist, as is the TA, connect? :P). caught up with some work before meeting anna for the longest dinner we're probably gonna have for a while.

two sushi rolls and three glasses of plumb wine later, i came to my senses and headed to trader joe's with el. got all basic groceries i needed and went back home. until now, i've been working, watching shows and skyping.

since i'm incredibly jetlagged, i think it's about time i go to bed and focus on tomorrow.
might be time for the gym-debut? (haha, who am i kidding?)


tonight ♥

2008 ♥

january 23 - j&j time


in new york it rains. in new york it rains. A LOT. jesus christ, when i got to jess today, i looked worse than a drenched cocker spaniel. uhm, winning?

good day today. woke up and did a little home-workout to not feel guilty for being too lazy to go to the gym. when did i get so anti-working-out?

caught up with some work and academic stuff, such as emailing about graduation-tickets etc. met up with kelly for a quick coffee, which obviously ended with me hitting my head against a metal, reaaaally heavy, lamp..

anyways, got to jess' around 5:30pm and we immediately started watching the descendants. anyone seen it? it was a very sad movie and i can see why mr. clooney won an oscar for this one. i cannot, on the other hand, see why everyone loves this movie. i mean, yes, it's sad, but it's sooooo slow?! after the movie, we made ourselves some serbian soup and enjoyed our beloved gossip girl, which is currently making the dramameter explode!

tomorrow is my first day of my last day as an undergraduate. excite or freak out? a little bit of both.
greek, meeting, law&society and gym or dinner on the schedule tomorrow. stay tuned..

interesting facts:
- took my rainboots public-virginity today
- a ghost is working my phone
- i think i'm jetlagged

it's raining men?
hmm.. i think we can call it a natural disaster

january 23 - new york day :)


i got a really late start to my first official day back. no anxiety about it though - i had my reasons that justified the sleeping (do you really have to have reasons for that though? jeez).

jess came over, i got ready fast and we headed downtown for brunch. ended up at blue ribbon sushi (love), where jess got the perfect idea that today was the day she was going to betray the world of bbms and turn to the wiber-world. after a little while at verizon, i left the store with a child called jess - she was soooo excited for her new iphone and was playing around with it as i was navigating us around times square to get socks, shampoo + conditioner, nailpolish remover and other superfun stuff.. haha. we ended up at her place where we chilled and i dealt with phone stuff. time to get a new one - my "a" button doesn't work and i keep losing people mid-phonecall..

maria called and we headed to her fresh soho-apt for chinese take-out, assembling ikea furniture, chocolate and the kardashians. after getting back home around midnight, i caught up with a friend that just started taking classes at columbia, worked a little and now it's time for bed.

perfect first day back and what a new york day: uptown-midtown-downtown :)
ohyeah, i finally got a haircut before i left sweden.

jess with her new hubby

bices moj,

january 22 - new year


hey everyone - i'm back. decided not to blog during my vacay in order to spend time with my loved ones and not care about anything else. there's your explanation, nothing else - still not married, pregnant, a girlfriend, in jail, or a big shot.

there's got to be something with me + travelling. this morning i headed to the airport sleepless and semi-tired. after a 50min flight (in the wrong direction) to berlin, i decided to go straight to the security check to get that overwith. but oh no - after waiting an hour in line, i went through security and the gate-area was empty, except from a couple of benches and some pathetic corner they decided to name "duty free." after spending two hours there, i was kicked out because they had to clean the area?? met a swedish guy, with whom i then had coffee. around one it was time for the same procedure again, but this time i didn't get kicked out of the area. i jokingly said that the worst thing would be if they didn't have any tv-screens for the nine-hour-flight to come - JINX - they didn't... the food was disgusting as well. when we arrived to jfk i couldn't have been happier, until my luggage came rolling towards me. broken.

anyways, i'm here now. el and i went for dinner at hummus kitchen, went by h&m, duane reade and cvs for miscellaneous stuff. after our little adventure, i've unpacked, showered, watched a show and it is now time for me to say goodnight!

it's a new year with fresh days and perfect ways!

ljubav je to!

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