february 9 - nails done, hair did(n't)


just painted my nails, waiting for them to dry as anna and i contemplate on where we're heading tonight.

decided to reward my hard work with a little bar trip tonight. and before that, a great dinner and glass of wine at republic at union square. these couple of weeks are going to be nothing shorts of insane, as pitching weeks approach and fashion week is on the role.

also trying to plan a springbreak trip. where to go, where to be found in mid-march?
can't believe that's only a month from now, which means i'm a month away from only having two months left of my education. how crazy is that? fine, i'm being somewhat dramatic, but damn, the situation is kind of dramatic, haha.

anyways, time to get my make up did.
and me did, everything did.
without heels. fml.



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