february 8 - infucksomnia


on library-lockdown until anna texts me and saves me from this mayhem. not even a month has passed since school started and bobst (our library) is already filled with over-eager and ambitious souls.

this week has been horrible - sleep-wise.
i keep waking up every second hour and my dreams keep getting more absurd by the night. if i wasn't so anti-pills i would be popping sleeping pills like no other right now. i guess i'm going to have to sleep in this weekend and just relax after working and studying during the day. we'll see how that goes - rumor has it that another night out is planned this weekend.

this is what the rest of my week looks like:

- meeting 8:00am
- greek
- library lockdown: write paper
- modern greek history
- meeting 7:30pm

- senior media seminar
- appointment
- gym
- call photo-thing

- gym
- work
- study
- go out?

- pilates
- work
- study

crne oci
dovele su me na tanak led

Postat av: pappa

det är tur att spring break kommer snart...

2012-02-09 @ 09:11:47
Postat av: mama

Du är en riktig ENERGI WOMAN .

Tänk på hälsan och Ta hand om dig puss

2012-02-09 @ 14:45:26

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