february 7 - whoaaa, oldie


wow, i really don't have the stamina to go three days in a row anymore. i almost fell asleep after 2.. this is bad, it really means i'm getting old (never mention that to me though, as i'm in complete denial of the fact).

saturday was a mix of hectic and fabulous. the search for a bday outfit was a complete failure until i (three hours later) stepped foot into h&m where i wanted eeeeverything. their s/s collection is def my favorite this far.

saturday night was the fabulous part. the dinner was a success, the punch much so, and the group and club were amazing! the night was full of laughter, jokes, serious convos and a lot of dancing (i.e. until the club closed). my ladies got me an armani code, since mine is tutto finito! the comments of the night were hilarious as well. the bathroom guy got super-confused after jess told him i was his girlfriend and shortly thereafter appeared with a guy; an indian guy decided it would be a great idea to approach me to explain, for about five minutes, and illustrate, with his hands, how perfect my ass is (i guess sometime has to be a first??); a guy wearing a rabbit fur tried convincing me that it was mink; i thought it'd be a good idea to assure the bartender that he was the hottest bartender i had ever seen; a business man tried creating a physical connection; and those were about all the craziness worth and allowed mentioning here.

after connecting with a bulgarian fellow outside stash, i decided it might be a good idea to go home and clean up the kitchen, i.e. the fridge. feasted for almost an hour before i realized that i was way too intoxicated to not be sleeping. and so, i did.

waking up the next morning was kind of a hilarious experience. first of all, it felt like i had a red sourpatch in my mouth, thank god it was only the tast. second, there was red lipstick everywhere. third, i realized how much i had eaten in my intoxicated state of mind, while filling my photobooth-gallery?! and third, i was only two hours away from the superbowl celebration at amaze. anyways, i have no more to write except for the fact that this is going to be a crazy week in every sense and that new york was on crack after the giants' superbowl win. me? i was sleeping.

my actual birthday was spent reading, writing, sleeping, having a perfect dinner with jess, gg, getting two very-jovana gifts from both her and my sister, studying some more, and falling asleep. enjoy the pics!


nuff said.

Postat av: mama


Haahhaa ALL I WANT.......

DET ÄR SÅ DUUUUU dom prickade dig puusssss

2012-02-07 @ 17:14:43
Postat av: pappa

Bästa present någonsin till en 22 åring, mina bästa döttrar!!!

2012-02-08 @ 10:42:45

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