february 4 - the day before THE day


once again, i laughed my way through the senior media seminar, together with the rest of the 15 student in the class. love our prof! after the class, i headed to palladium to meet up with anna for a gym sesh. 2 hours later, we were at whole foods getting chips - good combo there: work it out, take it in.

skype with baba and maca, mama and paps, cleaning, showering, facial, nails, work, a reading, writing out the plan for tomorrow, organizing and now a movie (for class of course) - eating nonstop! haha.

tomorrow looks like follows: walk in central park, outfit shopping, grocery- and alcohol shopping, working/studying, cooking, getting ready and partying!


πες μου το
καλύτερο ψέμα

Postat av: pappa

Srecan ti rodjendan tatin heroj, da si ziva i zdrava 100 godina i da ti se sve zelje ispune u zivotu.

2012-02-06 @ 07:53:18

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