february 3 - tgif TGIF!


somehow, katy Perry's song is stuck i and i keep repeating the ridiculous video in my head.

today is officially the last day of classes for the week, but also the start of mayhem. my birthday weekend takes an official start tomorrow. i'm cooking for the girls on saturday before we head to stash in the meatpacking district. sunday means pilates and then it's either a superbowl party or 1oak. haha, imagine me if we go to a superbowl party - i'm gonna harass some poor football fanatic with a hundred questions that, to an american, are as common knowledge.

but, i have a huge problem - i have nooo clue where my straightening iron is. it's just gone, poof. well, time to get ready for my senior media seminar and after that, the gym - workout #3 this week, 4 since start!

i will be cleaning all day, do not disturb.

the beast

Postat av: mama

du har glomt den hemma och kavajen o lite grejer till är kvar hos Triki .

inte lätt och va virvelvind och samtidigt få med sig allt .

2012-02-04 @ 08:48:01

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