february 2 - θεέ μου!


you got that right - it means "OMGEEE" in greek. and yes, i'm fourteen.

productive day today. watched a 3hr long movie for my modern greek history, wrote a paper on it, did one reading, but before all that studying i had my exciting meeting.

i'm going to do PR for kaiahouse :) i'm so excited, it's crazy! i almost squeaked today and let me tell you for all of you that don't know me - i never squeak. my friends do it enough for me (yes, anna and jess, i'm referring to you). can't believe this is actually happening to me, but i guess my hard work pays off. i wouldn't do it, if it didn't. definitely helps that my boss is straightforward, laidback and very professional at the same time. life's good. life is good!

tomorrow it's dime for doomsday - greek quiz. haha. trying to keep my head up with some xatzhgiannhs and am still going because of the great day i had. gym tomorrow as well! work out number 2 this week, 3 if we count from the start. wonder how many i'm going to complete before graduation, may 15. how many do you think?

ok, time for τα ελληνικά.

κρύψε με
στην αγάπη σου

Postat av: pappa

hehehehe...det du inte vill göra kommer du inte klara av, allt du vill göra kommer du att klara av...mycket bra jobbat pappas hero och lycka till!!!!

2012-02-02 @ 13:40:49
Postat av: Jess


2012-02-02 @ 23:51:18
URL: http://jessicarose.blogg.se/
Postat av: Maud

Grattis!! Kram

2012-02-03 @ 06:44:15

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