february 15 - my man


couldn't have asked for a better tuesday: got a rose (from a SPA)-meeting-class-meeting-errands-dinner-movie.

the two latter were of course spent with this year's (or every year's) hubby - jess. we had sushi and wine at a great place in hells kitchen and spoke about everything. we also realized that we have some urgent action we need to take in our lives for them to be as fab as they can and will be. we then moved towards lincoln square where we obviously had to watch a typical chick-flick, this time: the vow. i definitely don't agree with the critics claiming that it's the second notebook - so.not.true. but it was a cute story and a movie that got us thinking :)

it's time for me to write goodnight and hug my pillow.

from the perfect start
to the finish line


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