february 14 - all ♥'s day


valentine's day in english, all hearts' day in swedish, the day of the ones in love in serbian.

i'm a firm non-believer in love and its powers. luckily, i'm surrounded by ridiculously happy couples that are constantly disproving my theory. the main couple being my parents. as i write this, my parents are soaking in love and luxury in egypt. it's become tradition, my dad surprising my mom. nedless to say, watching them is like watching the ideal newly weds (25 years later) because every day is valentines day for them. if i ever experience this, i'm going to be forever thankful - even if i don't, i will remain thankful for being surrounded by this kind of love.

as a single, non-believing, female-man, i'm not saying that i hate valentine's day nor do i hate all the couples kissing on the streets. nonetheless, i chose to go by the swedish definition of this day today. i may not have that one heart that i'm ready to give/do anything for, nor am i expected to in the near future. instead, i have many hearts, the hearts that make me who i am. the hearts that tell me to breathe when i'm hyperventilating, the hearts that laugh with me when i trip over air, the hearts that are there when i cry, the hearts that listen to me scream, the hearts that laugh with me until tears, the hearts that love me for the clumpsy, nervous, crazy self that i am. the hearts that are my family and my friends.

i would never trade you for any one heart in the world.
you know who you are,

i squeeze you
very much


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