february 13 - pr, school, drinks & los angeles


weirdest and most productive weekend in a while, seen from every aspect. this is what i have accomplished starting thursday night - sunday night:

  • 3 pr-strategies
  • 3 twitter sample documents
  • research for 3 different brands
  • dinner and wine with anna
  • 3 page paper
  • 250 pages worth of reading
  • started a social media end-report
  • meeting
  • transferring social media accounts
  • gone out
  • movie night
  • gym three days in a row
  • written 10 emails
  • researched for a column
  • planned my spring break

  • now, if people think i'm chilling and joking around here in new york - you might want to read through all of the above and estimate how long all of that would take you. i won't write much about the going out, i'll just give you the pics.

    i have some more reading to do and then it's time for me to sleeeeeeep. meeting tomorrow at 12:00pm, laundry before that, dinner and gossip girl with jess, some more studying and work and then sleep again.

    my body is soar. beware: i might just get tight.


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