february 1 - say what?!


i know it's very cliché to complain about how time flies. but honestly - february? when the fuck did that happen?

so, i'm 22 in five days. don't know how i feel about that. how should i feel about that? weird, indifferent, happy or just sad? i just don't think i care. i guess the only thing changing is that i'm just a year closer to wrinkles and grey hair. but hey, it's my last year of school - not complaining! :)

one of the weirder days of my lifetime today. woke up after a psycho dream to finish some work and readings. went to greek - worst class thus far -, the meeting with anna and joe was good, clarified some minor issues in my little career-to-be. then came the big bang. i was convinced that my law&society class started at 2:30pm. i stomped into class and thought "wow, being one minute late to this class really makes a difference." until i found out that my proud walk in front of the class and sitting next to the T.A. was highly inappropriate, since i was 30min late! not even falling flat on my face in downtown NYC was that embarrassing, true story.

after some frustrating email correspondance, i couldn't have been more relieved when i stood in front of the gym eager to just work the shit out of all days' mishaps. 2.5 hours work-out later, anna and i found ourselves in the massive line at trader joe's. when i got home, i took a long shower, cooked my self some à la jovana, finished off with 16 handles (uuhh.. that did not sound appropriate..), and started doing greek and editing.

might i add: my jeans are a terrible fit right now, all of them.
tomorrow is a big day, so i better go to bed!

sve ono sto sam
tebi radila

Postat av: pappa

Good luck imorgon och du har många år kvar till grått hår...kämpa hero!

2012-02-01 @ 11:23:13

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