february 25 - a new yorker morning


work, school, meeting, groceries, laundry, studying, eating, studying, eating some more, and more, not a cliché crammer at all..

although this was a couple of days ago, this is how everyone with a rooftop should start off their day.
made me so incredibly happy. all cheese.

can't wait to have a rooftop
with miss jessili!

february 23 - for your entertainment!


whoa, long and productive day. really need to sleep, 7am powerwalk scheduled with anna - after having coffee on the rooftop, coffee with despi, classes, serbian party with tamara & her co :) but first, check out our amusing (..) study-breaks:

men should be throwing themselves at us right about...

february 21 - press mess stress


february 19 - ladies night!


this is what my little living room looks like right now :) I made a quinoa thing mixed with veggies, a side of fried spinach and chicken with that :) sugar dessert and now we're having some tea and chilling with music!

big loove

february 18 - brdeeej vikend!

february 17 - all day, all night


been working all day and now i need to get ready and get my ass to anna's for bday round 2. stay tuned tonight's update featuring all about butts, the box vip, pink drinks, gays and sweet sixteens.



february 16 - let's play the blame game

february 15 - my man


couldn't have asked for a better tuesday: got a rose (from a SPA)-meeting-class-meeting-errands-dinner-movie.

the two latter were of course spent with this year's (or every year's) hubby - jess. we had sushi and wine at a great place in hells kitchen and spoke about everything. we also realized that we have some urgent action we need to take in our lives for them to be as fab as they can and will be. we then moved towards lincoln square where we obviously had to watch a typical chick-flick, this time: the vow. i definitely don't agree with the critics claiming that it's the second notebook - so.not.true. but it was a cute story and a movie that got us thinking :)

it's time for me to write goodnight and hug my pillow.

from the perfect start
to the finish line

february 14 - all ♥'s day


valentine's day in english, all hearts' day in swedish, the day of the ones in love in serbian.

i'm a firm non-believer in love and its powers. luckily, i'm surrounded by ridiculously happy couples that are constantly disproving my theory. the main couple being my parents. as i write this, my parents are soaking in love and luxury in egypt. it's become tradition, my dad surprising my mom. nedless to say, watching them is like watching the ideal newly weds (25 years later) because every day is valentines day for them. if i ever experience this, i'm going to be forever thankful - even if i don't, i will remain thankful for being surrounded by this kind of love.

as a single, non-believing, female-man, i'm not saying that i hate valentine's day nor do i hate all the couples kissing on the streets. nonetheless, i chose to go by the swedish definition of this day today. i may not have that one heart that i'm ready to give/do anything for, nor am i expected to in the near future. instead, i have many hearts, the hearts that make me who i am. the hearts that tell me to breathe when i'm hyperventilating, the hearts that laugh with me when i trip over air, the hearts that are there when i cry, the hearts that listen to me scream, the hearts that laugh with me until tears, the hearts that love me for the clumpsy, nervous, crazy self that i am. the hearts that are my family and my friends.

i would never trade you for any one heart in the world.
you know who you are,

i squeeze you
very much

february 13 - pr, school, drinks & los angeles


weirdest and most productive weekend in a while, seen from every aspect. this is what i have accomplished starting thursday night - sunday night:

  • 3 pr-strategies
  • 3 twitter sample documents
  • research for 3 different brands
  • dinner and wine with anna
  • 3 page paper
  • 250 pages worth of reading
  • started a social media end-report
  • meeting
  • transferring social media accounts
  • gone out
  • movie night
  • gym three days in a row
  • written 10 emails
  • researched for a column
  • planned my spring break

  • now, if people think i'm chilling and joking around here in new york - you might want to read through all of the above and estimate how long all of that would take you. i won't write much about the going out, i'll just give you the pics.

    i have some more reading to do and then it's time for me to sleeeeeeep. meeting tomorrow at 12:00pm, laundry before that, dinner and gossip girl with jess, some more studying and work and then sleep again.

    my body is soar. beware: i might just get tight.

    february 11 - do the wiggle man


    boy look at that body!

    february 9 - nails done, hair did(n't)


    just painted my nails, waiting for them to dry as anna and i contemplate on where we're heading tonight.

    decided to reward my hard work with a little bar trip tonight. and before that, a great dinner and glass of wine at republic at union square. these couple of weeks are going to be nothing shorts of insane, as pitching weeks approach and fashion week is on the role.

    also trying to plan a springbreak trip. where to go, where to be found in mid-march?
    can't believe that's only a month from now, which means i'm a month away from only having two months left of my education. how crazy is that? fine, i'm being somewhat dramatic, but damn, the situation is kind of dramatic, haha.

    anyways, time to get my make up did.
    and me did, everything did.
    without heels. fml.


    february 8 - infucksomnia


    on library-lockdown until anna texts me and saves me from this mayhem. not even a month has passed since school started and bobst (our library) is already filled with over-eager and ambitious souls.

    this week has been horrible - sleep-wise.
    i keep waking up every second hour and my dreams keep getting more absurd by the night. if i wasn't so anti-pills i would be popping sleeping pills like no other right now. i guess i'm going to have to sleep in this weekend and just relax after working and studying during the day. we'll see how that goes - rumor has it that another night out is planned this weekend.

    this is what the rest of my week looks like:

    - meeting 8:00am
    - greek
    - library lockdown: write paper
    - modern greek history
    - meeting 7:30pm

    - senior media seminar
    - appointment
    - gym
    - call photo-thing

    - gym
    - work
    - study
    - go out?

    - pilates
    - work
    - study

    crne oci
    dovele su me na tanak led

    february 7 - whoaaa, oldie


    wow, i really don't have the stamina to go three days in a row anymore. i almost fell asleep after 2.. this is bad, it really means i'm getting old (never mention that to me though, as i'm in complete denial of the fact).

    saturday was a mix of hectic and fabulous. the search for a bday outfit was a complete failure until i (three hours later) stepped foot into h&m where i wanted eeeeverything. their s/s collection is def my favorite this far.

    saturday night was the fabulous part. the dinner was a success, the punch much so, and the group and club were amazing! the night was full of laughter, jokes, serious convos and a lot of dancing (i.e. until the club closed). my ladies got me an armani code, since mine is tutto finito! the comments of the night were hilarious as well. the bathroom guy got super-confused after jess told him i was his girlfriend and shortly thereafter appeared with a guy; an indian guy decided it would be a great idea to approach me to explain, for about five minutes, and illustrate, with his hands, how perfect my ass is (i guess sometime has to be a first??); a guy wearing a rabbit fur tried convincing me that it was mink; i thought it'd be a good idea to assure the bartender that he was the hottest bartender i had ever seen; a business man tried creating a physical connection; and those were about all the craziness worth and allowed mentioning here.

    after connecting with a bulgarian fellow outside stash, i decided it might be a good idea to go home and clean up the kitchen, i.e. the fridge. feasted for almost an hour before i realized that i was way too intoxicated to not be sleeping. and so, i did.

    waking up the next morning was kind of a hilarious experience. first of all, it felt like i had a red sourpatch in my mouth, thank god it was only the tast. second, there was red lipstick everywhere. third, i realized how much i had eaten in my intoxicated state of mind, while filling my photobooth-gallery?! and third, i was only two hours away from the superbowl celebration at amaze. anyways, i have no more to write except for the fact that this is going to be a crazy week in every sense and that new york was on crack after the giants' superbowl win. me? i was sleeping.

    my actual birthday was spent reading, writing, sleeping, having a perfect dinner with jess, gg, getting two very-jovana gifts from both her and my sister, studying some more, and falling asleep. enjoy the pics!


    nuff said.

    february 4 - the day before THE day


    once again, i laughed my way through the senior media seminar, together with the rest of the 15 student in the class. love our prof! after the class, i headed to palladium to meet up with anna for a gym sesh. 2 hours later, we were at whole foods getting chips - good combo there: work it out, take it in.

    skype with baba and maca, mama and paps, cleaning, showering, facial, nails, work, a reading, writing out the plan for tomorrow, organizing and now a movie (for class of course) - eating nonstop! haha.

    tomorrow looks like follows: walk in central park, outfit shopping, grocery- and alcohol shopping, working/studying, cooking, getting ready and partying!


    πες μου το
    καλύτερο ψέμα

    february 3 - tgif TGIF!


    somehow, katy Perry's song is stuck i and i keep repeating the ridiculous video in my head.

    today is officially the last day of classes for the week, but also the start of mayhem. my birthday weekend takes an official start tomorrow. i'm cooking for the girls on saturday before we head to stash in the meatpacking district. sunday means pilates and then it's either a superbowl party or 1oak. haha, imagine me if we go to a superbowl party - i'm gonna harass some poor football fanatic with a hundred questions that, to an american, are as common knowledge.

    but, i have a huge problem - i have nooo clue where my straightening iron is. it's just gone, poof. well, time to get ready for my senior media seminar and after that, the gym - workout #3 this week, 4 since start!

    i will be cleaning all day, do not disturb.

    the beast

    february 2 - θεέ μου!


    you got that right - it means "OMGEEE" in greek. and yes, i'm fourteen.

    productive day today. watched a 3hr long movie for my modern greek history, wrote a paper on it, did one reading, but before all that studying i had my exciting meeting.

    i'm going to do PR for kaiahouse :) i'm so excited, it's crazy! i almost squeaked today and let me tell you for all of you that don't know me - i never squeak. my friends do it enough for me (yes, anna and jess, i'm referring to you). can't believe this is actually happening to me, but i guess my hard work pays off. i wouldn't do it, if it didn't. definitely helps that my boss is straightforward, laidback and very professional at the same time. life's good. life is good!

    tomorrow it's dime for doomsday - greek quiz. haha. trying to keep my head up with some xatzhgiannhs and am still going because of the great day i had. gym tomorrow as well! work out number 2 this week, 3 if we count from the start. wonder how many i'm going to complete before graduation, may 15. how many do you think?

    ok, time for τα ελληνικά.

    κρύψε με
    στην αγάπη σου

    february 1 - meeting day!


    so, what do you do to prepare for a meeting in the grand NYC?
    i just rock out to serbian music, start writing a paper, text and eat a pear - all at the same time of course.
    oh, and btw, i'm not soar from yesterday's work-out - wooot!

    stay tuned...

    i don't want nobody,
    i don't want nobody, baby

    february 1 - say what?!


    i know it's very cliché to complain about how time flies. but honestly - february? when the fuck did that happen?

    so, i'm 22 in five days. don't know how i feel about that. how should i feel about that? weird, indifferent, happy or just sad? i just don't think i care. i guess the only thing changing is that i'm just a year closer to wrinkles and grey hair. but hey, it's my last year of school - not complaining! :)

    one of the weirder days of my lifetime today. woke up after a psycho dream to finish some work and readings. went to greek - worst class thus far -, the meeting with anna and joe was good, clarified some minor issues in my little career-to-be. then came the big bang. i was convinced that my law&society class started at 2:30pm. i stomped into class and thought "wow, being one minute late to this class really makes a difference." until i found out that my proud walk in front of the class and sitting next to the T.A. was highly inappropriate, since i was 30min late! not even falling flat on my face in downtown NYC was that embarrassing, true story.

    after some frustrating email correspondance, i couldn't have been more relieved when i stood in front of the gym eager to just work the shit out of all days' mishaps. 2.5 hours work-out later, anna and i found ourselves in the massive line at trader joe's. when i got home, i took a long shower, cooked my self some à la jovana, finished off with 16 handles (uuhh.. that did not sound appropriate..), and started doing greek and editing.

    might i add: my jeans are a terrible fit right now, all of them.
    tomorrow is a big day, so i better go to bed!

    sve ono sto sam
    tebi radila

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