april 17 - jukebox v. shoebox


back in the shoebox after two weeks with anna in the jukebox.

it's ridiculous how comfortable you get with certain people. haha. if there was a hidden camera in her apartment, i wouldn't have wanted to live today, literally. the singing, dancing, cooking, studying, working; the bad jokes, the tiredness, the outfits, the problems, my sneeze, her laugh - life.

anyways, back in my little shoebox now. although my roomies and i get along, i'm still haven't gotten used to this tiny apartment and never will. can't wait to move in august!

oh well, no more writing. time for me to get back to work, sleep and get up tomorrow for a therapy (powerwalking) session in central park.


let me eat all
these lies up

Postat av: pappa

Anna är en riktigt skön person. var rädd om henne. Hon är säkert jätteglad att ha dig som kompis.

2012-04-17 @ 14:47:48

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