april 18 - heaven


the perfect feeling when you wake up and get out, the wind is kind of chilly, but you know that soon you'll be in central park sweating and overlooking an amazing sunrise. YES.

time for me to detox from the not-taking-care-of-myself-personality that i always am. i've decided to dedicate at least an hour per day to a physical activity. it's really not about loosing weight or getting fit (although that's a plus), it's more about being myself. i hate being lazy, having no energy, and just being in a bad mood. physical activities are the remedy for that! woot.

anyways, you live and you learn, right?
time for another eventful day: school, meeting, apartment showing


can't complain on
the sunset either!

april 17 - jukebox v. shoebox


back in the shoebox after two weeks with anna in the jukebox.

it's ridiculous how comfortable you get with certain people. haha. if there was a hidden camera in her apartment, i wouldn't have wanted to live today, literally. the singing, dancing, cooking, studying, working; the bad jokes, the tiredness, the outfits, the problems, my sneeze, her laugh - life.

anyways, back in my little shoebox now. although my roomies and i get along, i'm still haven't gotten used to this tiny apartment and never will. can't wait to move in august!

oh well, no more writing. time for me to get back to work, sleep and get up tomorrow for a therapy (powerwalking) session in central park.


let me eat all
these lies up

april 11 - awake


i like my mornings:
- with a completed checklist
- with a smile on my face
- with skype with my grandma
- with a big breakfast and a bigger cup of coffee
- and, with good music

keep on

april 9 - squeeeze ME


whoa. i'm like a non-blogger right now. but you know, it's ok. what i'm dealing with right now miight be a little bit more important: graduation, brand launch, immigration-papers, studying, working, enjoying my last weeks as a student, and planning this summer.

i hope you understand why i haven't been that active. but there are some exciting news you can look forward to. i'm going to keep this blog, but it will be in swedish and personal - only. need to keep my fabulous parents updated back home. then.. oh well, then.. you'll know about then ;) let's just leave it at that.
time for me to get my xl-butt to bank of america and discuss financial questions. read: go get a money order for the US government.

hope you're all well.

thank you

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