september 30 - freaky friday


time for me to head to browns where ania and i are going to study hard while enjoying their amazing coffee and maybe even a treat to keep our brains stimulated enough to think :P

i'm meeting up with mikaela and company for dinner tonight and i am really excited to see them, but also to see what my bestest parents sent me from sweden!
last but not least, i am swamped with work and studying - good weekend heeey!

ok, gotta go for real now.

and this is EXACTLY how excited i am about my workload!
au revoir and

september 29 - "thirsty thursday"


NO - i didn't say that. our office assistant did.

our greek class is always interesting to say the least. sometimes pens slip out of our professor's hand, people speak spaneek or greenglish, or sometimes, like today, the office assistant come in and screams random stuff. today, he said: "hey it's thirsty thursday! let's have a sfinaki (shot)," we also spoke about tziskeks (cheesecakes) and xambourgkers (hamburgers). gotta love greek.

after the fun greekclass, ahmed (jess' new nickname) and mamoun (me) headed to my falafel place to enjoy the tastes of the middle-east. taboule and falafel in pita filled our "little" tummies before we went our separate ways. i got back home, spoke to guza and kayla and then headed back downtown to buy wine (thirsty thursday) and get groceries.

when i got home, i was all about the work and the wine. that went surprisedly fine for me :)
ended the night with the disturbing movie "party monster" with macaulay culkin and wilson cruz.
time for me to go to bed soon - tomorrow is going to be eventful:
- studying with ania from 12 and on
- wine with taylor at 5:30
- dinner with mikaela and her friends :)


i'm giving you a night call
to tell you how I feel

september 29 - good morning world


time to get to class! just thought i'd say hi, goodmorning and bye!
indigenous austalia, greek, lunch with jess and poetry slam is on today's agenda.

keep your
heads up :)

29 september - m.y. b.e.d.


i love my life. love, adore, cherish.
whatever you want to call it - my life is perfect right now.

i thought i was going to hate my life after this day, but after grabbing amazing noodle soup at m2m with kelly and seeing all the smiling roshashana-celebrating jewish families, i realized that my life is great - and, it didn't even rain. wootwoot. something is going my way. i think the world might just happen to like me again?

when i came home, i was like a freaking lightbulb. filled with energy and happiness, i decided to not sit by the table and study, but instead gathered my books and sat in the window :) people-watching, reading and fresh air. perfect. it so happened to be a very effective study-technique of mine. finished a chapter in adv&mark, my greek dialogue and the whole greek glossary (verbs, nouns, adjectives and miscellaneous included).

i didn't even get tired from the reading, which is usually the inevitable with me.
i spoke too soon - now i'm exhausted.
and, yeah, obviosuly weezy blasting in my ears.

blood-shed eyes
is the new black.

september 28 - bedsday


my favorit day of the week is here: the only day on my schedule that is crammed to the second. i have all my five classes today and sometimes i wonder where the f my brain is when i construct my own schedule. horrible.

five classes, coffee with kelly and then run with molly. it's probably going to be a good day in the neighborhood anyway :) hopefully, it doesn't rain. and honestly, "nightcall" makes my life so much better right now, especially in the mornings. love that song, love the movie - go watch DRIVE people!

time for me to leave for indigenous australia - Y.E.S.

the f ain't
for flaw

september 27 - GG and the neighbor's from hell


soooooooooooo dead.
yesterday was a pretty hectic day: turned in a paper, had two classes, ran to my meeting on the upper west side, met my fellow assistant, ran through times square just to realize i was half an hour early to meet up with jess. while waiting for her, i felt like i had taken a timemachine to my high school. that very artistic and intimate feel - miss it.

when super-fab jess came, we went up to her dorm and weren't too productive to the start xoxo, Gossip Girl. good premiere, not too eventful, but good. happy it's back - best guilty pleasure ever: no thought, just pleasure.
i immediately went back home and a sudden nausea struck me.. jovana obradovic went to bed at 10pm (!), only to wake up at 12am and not be able to fall asleep again.

now, let me tell you the real reason as to why i'm this tired:
when i woke up at 12am, our favorite upstairs-neighbors came home. and ooh, did they party. and they partied, and partied, and fucking partied. until it was 3am and molly decided to walk up there after giving them a hint an hour earlier by buzzing their door. molly was being her polite self and asked them to just keep it down a little bit, since it was monday after all. they kept it down, for ten minutes. at 4:30am it was time again. molly went back up there and after ignoring her knocking and ringing the doorbell for about five minutes, they opened and once again agreed to keep it down. when that didn't work, we called the police and filed a noise complaint. around 5:15 the party left and i managed to fall asleep. for forty-five minutes. then the drama moved to outside our window, where someone was looking for a girl and repeatedly mentioned our neighbor's name in a very rowdy manner. all of the sudden, doors were slamming, people were yelling at each other and i couldn't figure anything out in my semi-conscious state of mind.

i am desperately trying to wake up sipping on my second cup of coffee this morning.
i just emailed the pitches for work, moving along to this this mess i call my face and getting ready for school.


promises are broken,
but tomorrow is a promise

september 25 - weeerk


today is the it-day, emails are being sent out, i am finalizing the pitches that are getting sent out very soon and trying to figure out how to use the social media aspect most efficiently.

now, i still have a lot do. so here's my day fast forwarded:
skyped with mom and dad, got happy, dropped off my laundry, went to the street fair, went grocery shopping, worked and now it's study-time. just your average sunday funday.


hahahahaha, you know your life is balanced when
you accidentally take pictures of yourself during conversations..

september 25 - foodmood


a lot of food has been consumed today: oatbran, eggs, sushi, candy, cookies, and quinoa soup.
it all sounds disgusting when gathered like this, but apart they're all good. oh so good they were today.
visit me at

good day today. slept in, did some work and studying, ran the park with molly the chipmunk, went to annas and studied with her, jess and jacks, got all my stuff except for one TJ's bag and unpacked it upon arriving home. more or less everything is in place now, els and i need to get a clothing rack though, this whole sharing the closet thing - not so good if you're to girls that cherish their clothes like many do god.

ohwell, time to sleep for six hours before it's time for a skype-sesh with mom and dad, work&school, coffee with kelly, run in the park, work&school again and then bedtime.

lana, please give me your email so that i can contact you about us-international-student tips.
also, check out studyadvantage for more info on studying in the states.


the beast

september 23 - the essence of my pride


the sky is falling down in new york and i am having a day of appreciation - appreciation for my amazing family.

my parents are young. very young. they started from nothing and became something through mere ambition and strong willpower. they had two daughters by the age of 25 and managed to raise them, while figuring their own lives out.

my parents have been married for 25 years next year and they have two grown-up daughters. whenever they argue or we argue, they still manage to get some fun of it. they kiss, hug and hold hands when they go out in public. my dad cooks for my mom, surprises her with weekend trips and vice versa. the rough days are coped with through having a positive outlook on life and knowing that even the roughest days bring opportunities.
when i see my parents together, i see happiness and strength.

my parents are a team and they have made our family a team.
whatever happens, i know that they will always be there for me, whatever it may be.
and let me tell you, there is no better feeling than that.

then we have junior, my little sandy (i'm in denial - she's taller than me). today is her first day at ucla and i am sooooo fucking proud. she's a soc-major, which fyi is one of the hardest majors to have at ucla. my sister and i are like night and day, black and white, sweet and sour, yet without my sister i don't know what i would do. i wouldn't be me. and yeah, sandypants, you know i'm really bad at this whole emotion-thing, something we actually have in common, so here are som pictures from your retarded sister showing how she feels about you going to ucla:

volim vas mama tata i sandra <3

september 22 - weezekend


weezy gets the honor to start this much needed weekend. it's good.
yesterday, my teacher's assistant was really impressed with my presentation on geertz (fast-processing mind thank god), then i had a paper due in gender and comm and a quiz in greek. oh god.. the accents in that language are like air - every-f-where. so, i don't know how that went. but, it was the first quiz and we have already turned in two other assignments, so it's all good.

i have been working aaaaaaaall day today. it's been productive, good, giving, sweaty, stressy and all the other things an interesting job should be. now it's time for me to go downtown for the third time today and see drive with the roomies :) excited to eyegazm because of perfection, or what you guys call "ryan gosling."

be good, feel better, live great.

and that's how much my stomach hurt,
let's just say peeing is a waste of time ;)

september 21 - i'mma put me to bed


the alarm is set for 6:10am. i predict an icecold shower and a huge cup of swedish brewed coffee will do the trick for me to manage this monstruous wednesday: one presentation, one assignment and one quiz - maybe now would be the right time to proudly wear my fml tee?

well.. i finally got my bed and somehow managed to assemble it, though looking like a witch upon completion.
point being: why am i sitting here when i can actually fall asleep comfortably?


gledas me kao
bez duse

september 20 - pitch pitch.. YES


finally done with my first pitch-template, feels really good and it apparently works as a great migraine-relief.
so, now it's time to get that migraine back with some alpha, vita, gamma, delta etc., take a shower and then go to bed - content and happy.

the fact that my bed arrives tomorrow is definitely a determinating factor in this happiness.
revolutionary words from the woman that never sleeps - hey!

short day tomorrow again, studying and working hardcore.
then i'm jumping on my B E D.


i want you to know
you're far from the usual

september 19 - discrimination in the US


wow.. i got so mad in class that i couldn't say a word. my serbian temper took over and i just sat there, thinking to the point were my mind was overcooking. but no. not a word.

in my gender and communication class, we were discussing several articles touching on the class topics. earlier today, it was time to talk about transgendered and muslim women wearing a hijab. as the class started discussing on whether or not a transgendered ought to have the right to change the sex stated on their birthcertificate or not, i got startled when one of my classmates said, "in this homophobic country..." ok, first of all, if you call america homophobic, you have no clue about what homosexuals go through in pretty much 3/4 of the world. granted, there's a lot of discrimination here as well, but new york is definitely what i would call one of the global leaders in the fight for gay rights. furthermore, in this specific case, one cannot speak of america as an entity as these laws are primarily drafted on a state, not federal level.

the second topic was about the discrimination towards women wearing a hijab - post-9/11. prior to 9/11, the hijab was seen as something exotic and exciting. it was merely a cultural and religious symbol. it was interesting and cool - nothing else. five days after 9/11, the hijab became a symbol of terrorism? well, pretty much. the discrimination against women wearing a hijab increased, as it was no longer a respected or exciting religious symbol. in the specific case discussed in class, a female employee at hollister (go figure) was fired after three months of employment simply because she refused to take her scarf off. now, how is this moral? how is this rational? how is it that the picture of the "all-american" (which, btw doesn't exist as the real americans, the natives were, more or less, all killed by the ones now considered "all-american" - the wasps, the whites, the europeans - where is the "american" in those words?) is something more valued than the cultural diversity that has molded this country?

same-sex marriage is today legal in the state of new york and the fastest growing race in the US is the one we refer to as "mixed." when are people going to wake up and realize that we no longer live in the times of moses, jesus and mohammed? this is the 21st century. it's about compromising. it's about realizing that we live in a world with blurry borders. and it's about respecting and embracing each others differences.

i guess what i'm trying to say is:
don't be ignorant, don't discriminate,
treat everyone as you want to be treated
and then declare checkmate ;)

i see you with your palms
in your pants

september 18 - mama anna


just finished a good dinner at anna's with jess and it is now time for us to get the show on the road. read: studying.
the chocolate is here, the apples and the water is here as well.

but, before i start let me tell you about the epic and very forgettable friday night.
jess and i went out for drinks on the upper east side, had fun and started off a really cozy night. until travis texted me asking if we wanted to come with them to southside. long story short, we ended up going to southside, passed the line of louboutins and short skirts in our jeans and boots and after "a hug of love," we were inside and partying it up. the rest remains history.

let me show you the night in pictures - i have to work!

let's do this

september 16 - jess in the bathroom


I guess this is a good time to blog - bar hopping with the best woman aka jess rosenquist, so happy we're together! ill update you for real tomorrow, I have a lot to write!!


september 13 - ready, set, GO.


good day of classes today, greek was intense as usual and we got three assignments for tomorrow.
i also have a presentation for tomorrow and a bunch of readings.

BUT, now it's time for something much more fun.
i did not want to mention anything before it was time, but today is the official start of my internship with Dr. Anna Akbari. she is my professor from two semesters back and definitely a rolemodel of mine. so, that's gonna be an honor and a huge learning-experience that i am very excited about.
i will update you on what i am doing and how it is going, but i'm so ready to work on the side of school.

gotta go,
have a great day.

se thelw,
to xereis

september 13 - the perfect neighbors..


about half an hour ago, rock was playing in the apartment above us. the rock was mixed with donell jones' sexsongs, ciara's girlpowersongs and of course, the neighbors screaming and "singing" their vocalcords off. it's great that people love to have fun and enjoy there lives, but on a monday night?! come on guys..

i had a really hard time studying and during this past half hour i have probably accomplished more than i have since i came home at 8pm. novak djokovic won the US open, which obviously made me happy and very motivated to study. yet, that all changed when the mayhem in apt 2E started.

we went for a pinkberry run to calm down our heads (and nerves) and then went back to studying/laughing histerically at ten dudes singing sex-songs really loudly.

today was a good school day. turned in a paper and have a presentation upcoming this wednesday for that same class. i also have to learn to present myself  and memorize a whole dialogue in greek until tomorrow, so i better get on that now before i fall asleep on this poor keyboard.

tomorrow is a big day,
i am so excited!


september 12 - votre vu


target, studying, running in the park.
it's official, i need to sleep,
i'll get back to you tomorrow.

11 september - commemoration and clarification


soo.. today ten years ago wasn't a very pleasant day for anyone. i am not going to discuss any of it on my blog. but, i have to say that the emphasis ought to be placed on the commemoration of the people that passed away, rather than on what might happen, and what terroristattacks might occur. granted, you can be frightened. although i personally think that terrorists are smarter than attacking on the day that everyone is expecting them to.
rest in peace all 9/11/01 victims.

moving along - thursday i was taking the subway to school with eleanor. in front of me was this skinny, gorgeous and very swedish-looking girl/woman. i felt like i had seen her before and today i found out that i had seen her - on the alexander wang runway. her name is linnea regnander and she started off in stockholmsgruppen, got signed with IMG and the rest is history. welcome to fashion week!

time to go to target! and then a skype-date awaits with my best parents!

and this is how last night

september 11 - oversold


at this point, going to ikea is nothing but a waste of time. i got up early this morning to meet jess at wall street and take the cozy ferry trip to brooklyn and ikea. i went to get some more organization stuff, since i have more clothes than i would ever admit to owning. the search and digging in the deepest boxes of ikea was for nothing. they didn't have what i was looking for - surprise! but, the whole trip wasn't for nothing - i got to spend time with my bestest AND have some delish meatballs and "mjukglass."

post the ikea journey, jess and i went to oded brenner's place "little brown" to enjoy some delish coffee and embrace the divine aroma of chocolate, while reading like we've never read before. a couple of hours later, my stomach was craving sabra's supremely spicy humus and pretzels, while jess' was craving fries. our stomachs wishes = our commands, so strolled along 86th to fairway to please them.

kelly took a trip up here to leave my stuff and hang out. the rest is organizing history. at least now we have a very clean and neat apartment. all we need are the beds!

although i was planning on sleeping in tomorrow and waking up rested on monday for a new week of classes, i am going to target for the last desperate attempt to find storage boxes. after target, we are doing laundry, studying and going on a central park run/walk.


ain't nothing like
a cup of coffee and a side of good chocolate :)

september 10 - the weekEnd


this short week passed by as fast as fast can gets.

i can't believe that i've already been in new york for a week. feels like i got here yesterday, but that's what happens when you are busy and have fun. school has gotten off to a great start with some minor issues - one of them being that my aussie class sucks.

i went grocery shopping today, after completing a bunch of errands on campus with molly. after that we had falafel at mamouns and decided that we were going to go powerwalk in central park. that powerwalk turned into running and then back into powerwalking. 4,5 miles (7km) later, we sweatily returned home. the rest of the night has included kale, granola, talks, laughs, greek, emails and phone-calls.

tomorrow is jovs+jess day starting 11am,
getting up at 9:30am means i need to sleep.. NOW.

anna, jess, kayla and i at fno
brunettes do have the most fun

september 9 - fashion's night out


picture a heaven of fashionistas mixed with a circus, a nightclub, halloween and christmas placed in the biggest metropolis of the world. that, ladies and gents, is fashion's night out in New York.

we got out really late, started at kay's friends mom's store, went to cole haan and had some champagne, and after a rapid transformation from death (boots), to death 2.0 (studded booties), we headed to the meatpacking district. upon arrival, we went straight to the standard, which btw has the most amazing view of new york, and chilled for about half an hour before realizing that we wanted to call it a night. i enjoyed the night because it was spent with my girls. but, next year this is probably gonna have to be an afternoon/evening event, not a nightly one. short, but sweet.

last year, i saw a couple of people whose styles impressed me. this year - one. having style doesn't mean that you know what is in style or not. knowing that means that you are well-dressed. having personal style means that you know yourself well enough to wear the clothes as if they were your second skin. i'm not referring to myself as some kind of style-expert or fashionista, but i know that there is nothing that i am more comfortable in than in my own clothes. today, those were a chiffon-skirt, a black tea, boots/studded booties, glasses, short chain-necklace, chain-bracelets with statements and, to finish it off, red lipstick.

tonight, i went by the name death.
names are deceiving.


september 7 - all smiles and broken umbrellas


great day today. yet, campus didn't really collaborate with me:
woke up, three trains passed me, ran, class, coffee, ran, umbrella broke, class, was notified that stefan liv's hockeyteam died in a planecrash, ran, class, ran, class, breathed!

it feels like my head is on crack right now - the thunderstorm outside soothes it, the neighbors' partying drives it crazy, the greek words spinning around in it are confusing it, the good news provides it with serotonin overload, the tiredness makes it dizzy. i would definitely want to attend that event - not live it.

good day, better days to come.
now i'm tired after a day of running from class to class from 8am to 4:45pm.

i will leave you with something that my advertising and marketing professor Eugene Secunda said in lecture today:
"nobody knows what you don't know."


goodnight :)

september 7 - you can't escape the inevitable


it's so obvious i'm gonna be border-on-dead every wednesday. starting off your day with indigenous australia at eight and ending it at 4:45pm is not recommended, let me tell you that.

also, i've come to the very unfortunate conclusion that i have to invest in a pair of rainboots. i can't walk around with wet feet anymore. and, no matter how against my fashiology this is, this has got to happen. tomorrow.

kayla is heading over here, we're gonna chitchat about the ugliness of rain boots.
peace out!

september 6 - first day: check.


interesting first day of classes. it started with the indigenous australia class in which my professor rambled straight from a manuscript and was not very interesting - but then again, i am not very interested in the subject so that might also be why i found the class slightly boring.

though my other class - greek - was rather interesting. the class was made up of me and about ten other students, of which eight were greek by heritage. my teacher was extremely positive, helpful and determined to teach us fluent greek. haha :) i love it, love it, love it. but, it like first grade all over again when i'm repeating the letters written in the textbook just to learn how to write them correctly.

currently chilling at anna's apartment. finished my homework and now we're probably just gonna take it easy and enjoy the fact that the first day of the last year is finished.


it's already been
a year!

september 6 - HELLO NYU!


first day, last year, new week, fresh start.
gotta head to the subway in this welcoming weather we new yorkers call RAIN.

we believe
we can FLY!

september 3 - brilliant idea!


sooo, I don't know who told us that ikea+saturday was a great idea.. we just had to witness two ferries pass due to the humongous line.. I hope we're gonna get on the next one, but it stands to ask how crowded ikea is going to be? anyways, we're gonna get our meatballs ;)

talk to you later!

roomies waiting in line

september 3 - good morning new york!


i actually arrived to new york (thank you jam), after.... almost missing my flight, falling face-down at outside arlanda, running to the gate only to find out it was still open, sitting in the airplane between a swetty woman and a family with four screaming kids, standing in immigration line for an hour.

eleanor came in and woke me up at 9am after a good night's sleep. we're currently enjoying our swedish coffee to wake up and later we're going to ikea to get beds and storage for our bedroom and some shelves and other shit for the living room. as els said yesterday, the first month is always soo expensive.

later tonight, i'm probably going to southside with anna and jess, probably meeting up with kayla and her ladies and making it a fucking great night. although i'm super-jetlagged, i can't wait to have fun tonight :)

this week is going to be hectic and eventful. some of the things on my list:
- get a new ID
- unpack
- re-paint the room in lavender
- decorate the apartment
- grocery shop
- get books
- find an internship
- go to fashion's night out
- speak to adviser
and something i probably forgot!

time to get ready for swedenland (ikea),

i need all of it
for myself

september 1 - byebye jönken


and it's official. this summer has come to an end.

last night was great :) the city was empty but we had fun! prior to the little night out, i skyped with Douglas from StudyAdvantage - some great things are going to happen with that website. everyone that is confused about applying to colleges or studying abroad should visit it for more info, blogs and advise :)

life passes as a cigarette burns - if you leave it, you won't get anything from it. in other words, this summer has been amazing and i have taken advantage of everything i wanted to. now, it's time for another semester at nyu, and this time i'm gonna bite the big apple, one chunk at a time. who knows where i'm gonna be next year at this time? i'm very excited to get back and can't wait to see all my new yorkers.

the worst part about going back and forth? the goodbyes. definitely.
my dad made a good move when he came in and kissed me goodbye this morning at 6am before going to work. i was semi-unconscious and couldn't really feel anything. but, now it's time to say goodbye to grandpa, mom and tomorrow to my cousins and their parents.

very sceptical to the weight of my bags right now - why are fall clothes the most beautiful thing in the world and why the fuck do they weigh soooo much?

shower-time and after that, stockholm-time :)
bye jönköping, i love you.


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