october 6 - on the bus


in a little less than two hours, i will be in the capital of the US with my olja, her sister and her family :) i am really excited.

can't help but complain about the wireless on the bus though. i thought i could be productive while on the bus in order to save time for other fun stuff during the three days i'm going to stay in dc. but no. instead, i fell asleep because of the amount of time it takes to load a website - no, i'm not joking. when i woke up, i had written "nnnn" over three pages in word. hahaha! awkward.

anyways, tonight we are just going to chill.
tomorrow, we're going do touristy-things and then go out.
on saturday, it's time for some outlet-shopping and another night out.
sunday's activities are tba (to be announced), since i'm going home then.

funny thing happened today again. as anna and i walked into the yankees clubhouse shop on times square, i said i was looking for baby-clothes and while we were looking through the perfect outfit for little stefan, we overheard: "well, yeah man, she seems pretty fertil?"- hahaha, what the f does that mean? anna just goes: "aaw, i can't believe he's already that big!" and i go: "yeah, time flies.." HAHA. oh god, if they only knew who they were referring to!

i'm gonna give this internet a last try before proceeding with my nnnnnn.

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Postat av: pappa

bra att veta att du kom fram...

2011-10-07 @ 08:18:49

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