october 4 - s.l.e.e.p


having my dinner as i write. today has been hectic from start to finish - after resistantly opening up my eyes at 7am, i've had a lot of school, a lot of work - no sleep. grabbed food with anna and xristos at spice, then took a trip further downtown to groundsupport - a café in soho with amazing coffee and a fun crowd.

so, a funny thing happened on the subway today:
anna hopped off the train and i stayed on since i get off after her. when she had gotten off, two older ladies (around 70) got on and one of them was blind. polite as i am when it comes to old people, i scooted over and made room for both of them. four girls were standing in front of me and one was making a move toward the seat that i had made free for the blind old lady. when the ladies sat down, this immature cocky girl started calling the old lady a fucking bitch and upon that me as well. i didn't mind that she called me a bitch, i really didn't - but don't call a blind and old lady a bitch just because she is old and less capable of standing on a moving train than you are?

they kept discussing what a bitch i was and finally i decided to just stare back at this girl, because i started getting really annoyed with them due to their impoliteness. so, when i got eye contact i simply told her, in a calm voice (everyone should be proud): "there's no need to be rude." her response was obviously as mature as a fetus in a woman's womb: "stop fucking looking at me," when they got off at the next stop the middlefinger was on display, as well as vajeyjey-stroking while screaming: "you can suck my dick, bitch."

a woman took their place and was as discombobulated as i was. after speaking for a while, we came to a mutual conclusion - there is something really wrong with that generation.

just wanted to share with you how polite and well-mannered today's kids are.
no wonder i don't like them...

time for me to be productive before watching 90210 and passing out,

to all you "bitches,"
speak your mind!

Postat av: sandy

wtfffff?!!?! muppjävel, good for u att du sa ifrån!

2011-10-05 @ 07:31:47
Postat av: pappa

Rätt gjort men be careful!!, man vet aldrig med sådana flippade personer vad dom har i deras sjuka hjärnor?

2011-10-05 @ 09:09:21

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