october 3 - ποιος άξιζε πες μου


just came back inside after talking to our neighbor who happens to be really cool - no, not part of the "baller" dudes above us. we sat out there for a good hour and decided some day, we should party together.

all day today has been super-slow and filled with work and studying. i also managed to watch a movie (The Whistleblower) about the post-war human trafficking in bosnia. however, it is an american movie and i'm kinda skeptical to the whole "we always save the world" mindset that goes into most of those movies.. it's worth watching - if you don't have a weak stomach though. cool to hear gorgeous monica bellucci speak russian too! and funny how sergej trifunovic plays the king of trafficking.. ha.

saturday was fun. started here with wine, candy, chips, pretzels, laughs and talks :) and after roaming around in meatpacking, we ended up at the griffin, which sucked. that's when we came to our senses, jumped in a cab and, per usual, ended up at "sloppy" southside. had soooo much fun with the guys and danced the night away! i'll provide you with some pics to illustrate the fun:

this last pic describes almost everything you need to know about me,
and yeah, i have a face too

time for me to fall asleep accompanied by the most beautiful song ever made!


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