october 29 - ready, set..


the halloween-weekend has officially begun with naked ladies and hulk-men patrolling the streets of new york. when i woke up this morning, i knew that i wasn't going to go out tonight - way too tired and too much to do. got home around 9:45am and started the mission of "spring cleaning" our whole apartment. after 3.5 hours, a smoking vacuum, falling over cords and feeling my biceps pulsating i was dooone :) the apartment finally feels fresh - still haven't decorated my walls though - fail.

after the cleaning, i worked a little and then i was being lazy just in time for molly to come home and us to walk 70 blocks down to liquiteria and mud where we had smoothies and coffee, respectively.

getting ready for halloween has been interesting. especially with the situation moving from jersey shore to MY FACE.. i'll blog in my costume tomorrow before heading out! until then, i'll leave you with the pleasure of guessing what my costume is ;)


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Who will you be on holiday? What is your image?

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