october 26 - social media


i know i suck at blogging, but to my defense, it's kinda hard keeping this up while taking 5 classes, having an internship, working on a marketing program, blogging for StudyAdvantage and trying to maintain a social life and stay healthy. haha. BUT, thank god for the little bird we call twitter - follow me @jovancebre for updates-on-the-g or just comment here with any question and i'll get back to you asap!

my two costumes for this halloween-weekend are almost complete, all that's missing is a pair of shoes. this week has been nothing but sleepless. sunday was allnighter night and tuesday followed the same pattern. today is killer-day and tomorrow it's time for a huge greek-midterm. i think my glossary is currently counting 450 words. that would be fine, if that were all. i have one more chapter to add, which means an additional 150 words. greeat.

also, my dearest readers, if you have any questions about studying in the US, the U.K., France, or even China. Check out StudyAdvantage for student blogs, stats and useful information about each country's studentlife.

that's about it. this weekend is going to be hilarious, so keep reading for an update on the "hot" costumes and the wild parties (watch i end up falling asleep while dancing).

the rested

Postat av: mama

Miss Trötter take care of you <3

2011-10-26 @ 23:23:33

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