october 22 - the best way to start your day


last night was great, the sushi at blue ribbon sushi was the best sushi i've ever had, after nobu. really fresh and interesting. dad's guy and his wife were also really nice and we had good conversation about world problems while comparing sweden to the states. jess came over shortly thereafter and we had fruitsallad with ready whip while watching "i don't know how she does it." my take on the movie - sjp should have ended her career as "carrie" - horrible movie - no plot, not funny, bad lines. egh. i just didn't like it.

about this morning: no words need be said. just enjoy the pics. although blurry, they can give you a hint of what it feels like starting your day with a sunny fall-day in central park with your bff :)

ahh, i need to put my love of this city into my books right now.
write you later (maybe),


Postat av: pappa

Vilken fin höst dag!

2011-10-23 @ 09:25:31

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