october 21 - productivity


ended my day yesterday with a great skype-sesh with my sister on the other side of this humongous country - LA.
so proud of her my "little" nutellajarchocolatebar <3

there's nothing as fulfilling as ending a very productive day with good sushi.
i have worked, been in skype/phone-meetings since 9am today and will end this day with a sushi dinner at blue ribbon sushi with my dad's marketing guy.

jess will then accompany me in, hopefully, doing some more work/studying and then we'll chill with our home boys - sour patches ;)

well, i have to keep going. just thought i'd let you know that nothing has been very exciting in my day today. no fancy shmancy movie premieres or celeb-encounters. just an average day on the Upper East Side.

the crazy obradovics <3

Postat av: pappa

kul att du tyckte om dem!

2011-10-22 @ 14:01:33

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