october 21 - officially the worst blogger ever?


i can't believe i haven't had time to blog. haha, welcome to reality.

with monday came the craziness that has been this week. monday was literally a marathon in both downtown and on the upper-west side. school, meeting with my boss, the event and although wanting to sleep as soon as i got home, the textbooks were calling.

after three hours of sleep, i got up on tuesday, thinking it would be a relatively calm day - or as calm as it gets in jovana world - slightly stressful. but no, slightly turned into very as molly invited me to come with her to the NYC premiere of "Like Crazy." we soon realized that we would have about 20 minutes to get ready and looking like a bum from scratch that day didn't really help the situation. we ran to the train, got off, ran to the apartment, tried everything on in a second, put our crazy fros in buns, threw on some make-up and ran out the streets to catch a cab. movie premiere, in all honor, the paparazzi were there, the red carpet was there, but molly and i (top-celebs) decided to sneak in through the back door. little did we know there were paparazzis downstairs, which we obviously had to run from. haha. while eating chocolate we were discussing the awkwardness of events like these and the people who were to come - elizabeth olsen, brad gorsky, james lafferty, amanda hearst and hugo becker, being some of them. the movie was amazing, followed by an afterparty at sonsofessex, where molly wanted to say hi to the incredibly kind director drake doremus, and the main characters anton yelchin and felicity jones. we ended the night with a "dinner for two" at a new thai place :)

needless to say, work was waiting for me when we got home around 11pm. that is, i had to write a presentation for wednesday. i did so and although that presentation was graded as a 20/20, the two hours of sleep i had were definitely paid for. that school-day was followed by a quick study session and then the screening of the movie "Miss Representation." i got home at around 10pm and, predictably, fell asleep in a very awkward position on our couch.

school was good today, after waking up from my internal alarm clock (the one on my phone has given up hope..) at 7:15am, i ended up falling asleep in annas bed after school and have since worked on both my marketing project and diverse PR-tasks.

this occassion serves for an acronym: TGIF!!
time to go to bed :)

until the rising of
the sun


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