october 17 - useless


today i've been useless. literally.

i just started doing both work and studying. i've finished one chapter, tweets, organized documents, written website updates, researched. woke up like a mess at annas and then started on what would become an all-day "trashcan" food consumption.

kayla's bday last night was great. a bit awkward from scratch, but the awkwardness eased up as the night went on. after a tasty dinner and good drinks at the hurricane club, we went next door to riff raff. we got our face's painted. i got five stars on each cheek-bone, which by the end of the night looked like five smeared dots. the night ended at a penthouse in downtown, pretzels, chips and salsa. good night with my ladies :)

now, i have to read an article, delegate tasks to the new intern on the second marketing project, work a little more on a pitch and then go to bed to be able to go on an 8am central park powerwalk with jess, buy ugly 3" low heels, study, go to school, meeting and finally attend the event.

no more time to write - a lot to do - au revoir,

now the joy
of my life..

Postat av: mama

Du ser jättepigg ut ,) INTE bakis <3

2011-10-17 @ 22:16:08

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