october 13 - sweet weekend


so, there are three ways of staying sane at NYU
  1. be insane
  2. be insane
  3. be insane
i think i'm all of them.. every thursday when i get home i just throw my stuff on the couch, listen to music and sing. good thing eleanor and mols aren't here. their ear-doctor bills would get expensive.

took the nyu-pic, i have orange hair on it and look like a serbian rich grandma.
i mourned away with green curry followed by a meeting and now i'm home. time to start doing work.

ohyeah, almost forgot - let me introduce to you the new it-face.
it's a shame vogue wouldn't have me as their cover-girl!

damn, why you gotta
be so fly?

Postat av: pappa

hahahahaha...tatina lepojka!

2011-10-14 @ 09:22:01

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